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Monday, July 27, 2015

Name change proposed for Stuart HS


The Fairfax County school board is expected to consider a proposal to change the name of JEB Stuart High School, as a growing number of students and alumni are increasingly uncomfortable with a school named for a Confederate general.

The renaming efforts are gaining momentum in the wake of the recent murders in an African American church in South Carolina by an avowed racist who identified with the Confederacy. That shooting led to efforts to remove the Confederate flag from Southern state capitols and license plates.

Teahouse with theater opens in Annandale

Soricha Tea & Theater
Annandale has something new and different – a beautiful Korean teahouse with live cultural performances and a wide variety of teas – traditional and innovative – designed to restore your health and lift your spirits.

Soricha Tea & Theater, at 7122 Columbia Pike, is in the storefront that’s been vacant since the School Box closed in 2013.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Collect for Kids provides school supplies for needy students

Sally Saunders (left) of Engility Corp. with Our Daily Bread's Seasonal Programs Manager Dawn Sykes at Oak View Elementary School in Fairfax. Engility employees contributed to ODB's 2014 Collect for Kids Back to School Program and delivered school supplies to needy students. [ODB]
While many parents are spending hundreds of dollars to get their children ready for the new school year, some of our neighbors can’t even afford the basics.

That’s why Our Daily Bread’s (ODB) Collect for Kids Back to School program is so important. It seeks donations from the public to provide school supplies, backpacks, and calculators to more than 2,000 needy students who attend JEB Stuart and Fairfax high schools and the elementary and middle schools that feed into them. Thanks to generous donations from corporations, organizations, and individuals, the program is able to purchase school supplies at deep discounts.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Planning Commission endorses zoning amendment to regulate donation boxes

A drop box on Little River Turnpike in Annandale, between Flagship Carwash Center and Fast Auto Loans.

The Fairfax County Planning Commission on July 23 unanimously endorsed an amendment to the zoning ordinance to regulate donation drop boxes. The Board of Supervisors has scheduled a public hearing on the  measure Oct. 6.

The amendment defines a donation drop box as “a portable outdoor container for the collection and storage of unwanted textile and household items that are periodically removed from the container.”

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mr. Tofu opens in Annandale

Annandale has a new Korean restaurant – Mr. Tofu. It’s in the same spot as Dolce Café and Bakery, 7137 Little River Turnpike, which closed several months ago. Connie Yu, the owner of both Dolce and Mr. Tofu, renovated the space and reformatted the menu to focus on heartier lunch and dinner fare. 

Local Scouts take on the wilderness

Thirty-one local Boy Scouts from Troop 895 took part in a challenging wilderness hiking and camping experience in New Mexico earlier this month.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bailey's Gateway project canceled

5600 Columbia Pike
Foulger-Pratt has dropped plans to develop a 433-unit apartment building on the site of a vacant office building at 5600 Columbia Pike in Bailey’s Crossroads after the company failed to reach an agreement on purchasing the property from Government Properties Income Trust.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors had approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan in March to allow residential uses, as well as offices, on that site. The announcement to cancel the project was made just before the Planning Commission had been scheduled to consider a rezoning proposal on July 15.

Suspicious device found in storm drain

A strange, possibly dangerous object found in a storm drain in the 9300 block of Glenbrook Road in the Mantua neighborhood in Fairfax July 21 was determined to be an inert (training) round from a bazooka like those used in the Korean War, the Fairfax County Police Department reports. The device was discovered by a drain inspector. It is not known how the it ended up in a storm drain or how long it had been there.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Note to readers

The Annandale Blog will be on a break until some point in late July. You can still post comments, although they might not appear immediately. Have a nice summer!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Public urged to sign petition on Seven Corners redevelopment

With a final decision scheduled within the next few weeks on a redevelopment plan for Seven Corners that would allow 5,000 new housing units, an ad hoc group of community leaders is hoping to build support for an alternative proposal.

Little Free Libraries bring neighbors together over love of reading

The Little Free Library on Ivydale Drive in Sleepy Hollow Woods.
If some Annandale residents need a good book to relax with at the pool, all they need to do is walk over to a neighbor’s house and see what’s in the “Little Free Library” on the front lawn.

Little Free Libraries are cute little boxes full of books on a post installed on a public street. People are welcome to borrow a book and leave another. There’s no charge and you don’t need a library card.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Homeowner battling county over land disturbance violation

The Laux backyard with the Calloway development behind the fence.

Annandale resident David Laux is fighting a Fairfax County court injunction charging him with violating the building code and plans to take the case to the state Supreme Court.

The county charged Laux and his wife Tara with failing to get a permit when they rehabilitated the lawn on their property at 4613 Randolph Drive in the Willow Run neighborhood. According to Laux, carrying out the procedures required by the county, including regrading the lawn, would cost $30,000.