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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Annandale voters contribute to Connolly's victory

Democrat Gerry Connolly got enough votes to narrowly keep his seat in the House of Representatives, with nearly all the precincts in Annandale and nearby areas contributing to his victory.

As of midnight last night, Connolly had 110,401 votes (49.11 percent), compared to 109,914 (48.90 percent) for his Republican challenger, Keith Fimian. One precinct, Laurel Hill, had not yet reported results, and the absentee ballots submitted to the central election office had not been counted.

Fimian won in Prince William County, with 35,764 votes (51.62 percent), compared to 31,972 votes for Connolly (56.15 percent), which was more than offset by Connolly’s wins in Fairfax County and Fairfax City. Connolly got 74,872 votes (50.4 percent) in Fairfax County, while Fimian got 70,799 (47.71 percent).
“The voters have spoken,” Connolly told his campaign staff and volunteers last night at a victory party at the Fairview Park Marriot. “They want less uncivil shrieking and more respectful listening.” Connolly said he “heard that message loud and clear” and promised to work with “both sides of the aisle” to “foster and grow the local economy” and do it “without abandoning my principles or yours.”

Here are the results from some of the precincts in Annandale and nearby areas in the 11th Congressional District, with the votes for Connolly listed first, followed by Fimian’s:

Barcroft—888; 587
Belvedere—491; 294
Camelot—388; 389
Columbia—598; 438
Heritage—799; 410
Holmes #1—51; 31
Holmes #2—230; 189
Hummer—446; 381
Leewood—230; 189
Masonville—515; 371
Poe—616; 454
Ravenwood—509; 310
Ravensworth—394; 418
Ridgelea—356; 317
St. Albans—705; 432
Sleepy Hollow—407; 318
Wakefield—706; 528

As expected, Democratic incumbent Jim Moran easily beat Republican challenger J. Patrick Murray in the 8th Congressional District. Overall, Moran had 116,264 votes (61.01 percent), compared to 71,097 (37.31 percent) for Murray.

Here are the results from some of the 8th district precincts near Annandale, with the votes for Moran listed first, followed by Murray’s:
Bailey’s—821; 392
Bren Mar—734; 476
Edsall—368; 277
Glen Forest #1—389; 176
Glen Forest #2—366; 213
Lincolnia—708; 428
Parklawn—434; 399
Westlawn—342; 242
Weyanoke—489; 266

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  1. Laurel Hill went for Deeds 503 to 426 in June 2009. Lorton Center for McDonnell 361 to 327.

    Laurel Hill has 3017 registered voters. If the turnout matches county average of 47% rate, there would be 1,418 votes cast. If they break at the same percentage as the McDonnell/Deeds race, the precinct would deliver: 650/768 Fimian/Connelly.

    Lorton Center has 1,865 registered voters. 47% turnout would result in 877 votes cast. If the break also matches 11/09, the result would approximate: 460/417.

    Posited yeild from precincts 625 and 628::::
    Connelly: 1,185
    Fimian: 1,110

    Connelly would pick up 75 vote edge.