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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New car wash set to open in January

Do you miss the American Car Wash place that used to be at 7333 Little River Turnpike in Annandale between U One Meat and Fast Auto Loans? The building is being renovated and will reopen as a car wash with a “very contemporary design,” says a representative from the company working on the building, District Design and Construction, which specializes in bars and restaurants.

The new car wash is expected to open in January, and unlike the old one, will not have a gas station. The new car wash will be just a few blocks from the new TD Bank under construction on the corner of Little River and Backlick Road.

The auto loan place has a long history, by the way. It was once a tiny, wooden, single-story building that was home to the Penguin Feather record store and “head shop.”


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  2. I was born here when this a tiny little town.I hear that the Korean Developer has been for trying to close down the Bowling Alley right across the street from you. And the same man who owns all the land where Kmart is, off of John Marr Dr. Plans to to do the same thing. To put a limited level residential high rise with shops at the ground level. First are the same person that has bought all the commercial property in Annandale and turned this into a profit for you with little interest about traffic in this Nightmare that is now called Korea Town