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Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog photo spurs homeowners to clean up

6464 Lakewood Drive
The owner of the house pictured in a February blog post about a  Mason District Council forum on property maintenance wants Annandale blog readers to know she and her husband spruced up the façade.

The house, at 6364 Lakewood Drive, is in the Belvedere neighborhood, Falls Church, in the Mason District. It appears to have a fresh coat of paint, and much of the debris has been removed. The huge tree in front, covered in gorgeous white flowers, adds to the curb appeal.

The same house, earlier this year.
We’re not sure if it was the photo in the blog or Fairfax County code compliance staff (who learned about the property from the blog) that spurred the clean-up, but we’re glad the property owners are taking better care of their house.


  1. Property maintenance involves maintaining the physical premises of the residence in a clean and hygienic way. It also involves collection of payments from the tenants and other related work, some administrative work and ensuring a smooth working relationship between the owner and the tenants of the house.

  2. I think they made an effort in fixing the house. The garden looks cleaner, the paint job adds to the beauty of the house. I can see that there are still lots of renovations to do, I hope that they have enough money to invest in their property.

  3. There really does not look like there is anything different, just looks to be taken at a different time of year.

  4. It looks like the facade was painted, some of the debris was cleared up, and maybe the door was fixed up.