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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christopher Wade launches bid to unseat Cook as Braddock supervisor

Christopher Wade, a manager at the MorganFranklin Co., announced April 5 that he is running for supervisor of Fairfax County’s Braddock District, which includes part of Annandale.

Both Wade and Marc Greidinger, a lawyer specializing in civil rights and environmental issues who threw his hat into the ring last month, are seeking an endorsement from the Braddock District Democratic Committee. Ilryong Moon, also a Democrat, had considered running for that position, but now plans to seek another term as an at-large member of the Fairfax County School Board.

No other Republicans have so far emerged to challenge the incumbent, John Cook.

Wade, a resident of Fairfax, has owned his own business and was vice president of sales for a technology company that was acquired for $100 million. He is a member of the board of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the Fairfax County Public Schools Business and Advisory Committee, and an adjunct professor at George Mason University in the School of Management.

“I was brought up believing that elected officials should represent the views of the people they serve,” Wade says. “I am entering this race to put into practice the principles of open, transparent, and accessible government and to ensure an informed and ongoing dialogue about problems and solutions that affect residents of Braddock District and of Fairfax County. I believe that my experience and my views best align with the interests of Braddock voters.”

“As a business leader, I understand the need to find operational efficiencies and also invest in areas that are important for future success,” he says. “Our challenging economic times call for a person who can bring this experienced and balanced approach to county government.”

Wade has coached Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) soccer for the past three years and is active in the Young Families Ministry at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Burke. He and his wife Stacy have three young children.

Wade grew up in southeastern Massachusetts and earned a BA in government and international studies from Notre Dame and an MBA George Mason University.

“In these economically challenging times, I understand how important it is to ensure that both our public schools and our universities are being considered a top priority,” he says. “It is my goal to maintain a tradition of world-class and affordable education for everyone in Fairfax County.”


  1. So now John Cook has a Democrat lawyer, who is either out of work or works in Ellicott City Maryland, and a nominal Republican whose campaign is being supported by Sharon Bulova, as opponents. It is quite evident that the Fairfax Democrat Party sees Cook as enemy number one because he is effective at his job and his political philosophy is in sync with the rest of the country while the county board is going in the opposite direction.

  2. Mr. Greidinger often comments on this BLOG. He is particularly unnerving to budget minded residents that have watched their real estate taxes increase by 104% since 2000, versus the inflation of 37%. Greidinger commented previously on this BLOG, and I summarize, that it is OK that I pay that much more in real taxes since my home is worth more now. He never mentions that my home's value is down more than 50% off the high, yet my taxes are holding steady at what I paid during the peak year. If his reasoning was sound, my taxes would have gone down equally with my home value. Unfortunately FFX County went on an unparralled spending spree over the 2000's and refuses to allow the corresponding correction in taxes paid to happen. Lets hope Mr. Wade has a grasp on simple economics, fairness, and transparency. As for Mr. Greidinger, he should stick to being a lawyer, he seems to be a natural.

  3. I find I can wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Wade when he says that elected officials should represent the views of the people they serve–and that is precisely why I will be voting for John Cook for Braddock District Supervisor. His tenure has truly been open and transparent, and he has offered accessibility to government heretofore unseen in Fairfax County. He is one more terrific Supervisor. Reelect John Cook, the best thing that has happened to Braddock District in a long time.