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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Community dialogues scheduled on Annandale Regional Planning Study

The Fairfax County School Board agreed April 28 on the scope of the Annandale Regional Planning Study and invited the public to a series of upcoming community dialogues to discuss options for relieving overcrowding at Annandale High School and determining the boundaries for the new elementary school on the Lacey site.

In addition to changing the boundaries for area high schools and middle schools, the board agreed to consider a non-boundary option. That plan calls for Annandale High School to be limited to grades 10-12, with Holmes Middle School serving grades 6 and 7 and Poe Middle School having grades 8 and 9.

“I like the non-boundary option. I think it has tremendous potential,” said Mason District school board member Sandy Evans in a meeting with constituents April 30. “The county wants us to take it seriously, and I am,” she said, stressing that she doesn’t have on an opinion yet on whether that is the way the board should go.

If that solution were adopted, students would have to change schools every two years which would take some getting used to, she noted. However, students would move together in the same group, which would minimize the disruption.

The school board has agreed that the study will include 25 schools:
  • Elementary schools - Annandale Terrace, Beech Tree, Belvedere, Braddock, Bren Mar Park, Columbia, North Springfield, Pine Spring, Sleepy Hollow, Westlawn, and Woodburn.
  • Middle schools - Frost, Glasgow, Holmes, Jackson, Key, Poe, and Twain.
  • High schools - Annandale, Edison, Falls Church, Lee, Stuart, and Woodson, plus Lake Braddock Secondary School.
The community meetings are scheduled 7-9 p.m. on these dates:

  • May 16 - Annandale High School cafeteria, 4700 Medford Drive, Annandale (use entrance 7).
  • May 16 - Edison High School cafeteria, 5801 Franconia Road, Alexandria (entrance 1).
  • May 23 - Falls Church High School cafeteria, 7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church (entrance 8).
  • May 23 - Lake Braddock Secondary School cafeteria, 9200 Burke Lake Road, Burke (entrance 15).
  • June 6 – Annandale Terrace Elementary School gymnasium, 7604 Herald St., Annandale (entrance 1). This meeting is for speakers of other languages and will include interpreters for Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Other languages may be provided as requested.
Staff members from the FCPS departments of Facilities Planning, Transportation, Instructional Services, and Special Services will be available to answer questions. If youre planning to attend one of these meetings, FCPS wants you to register online.

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  1. I hope they put the 6th graders back in all the elementary schools so there is consistency across the County. It would be much better for the kids who have after-school activities so that there schedules are easier to manage when they play with kids from other schools.