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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Annandale's new TD Bank to open by the end of the year

The new TD Bank, under construction on the corner of Little River Turnpike and Backlick Road, will have a kid-friendly, interactive “penny arcade” coin-counting machine, says company spokesperson Jimmy Hernandez. Using the machine will not only be free, but you can win a prize if you guess within $1 how much your coins are worth.

The 3,800-square-foot building, on the site of a former Mobil station, should be completed in about three months, says Hernandez. TD bank branches are open seven days a week and are open longer hours than other banks, he says. The branch will employ about 10 to 15 people, and job listings should be published in about a month.

The building will incorporate several energy-conserving, “green” features, including LED lighting, sensors that will turn off lights in empty rooms, lots of windows and glass to decrease the use of artificial lighting, insulated windows, and mats to collect dust and pollen to improve indoor air quality, Hernandez says. The building will be constructed of recycled materials and wood from sustainably managed forests. When the building is completed, TD will seek a “gold certification” with LEED, a green building program run by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The new bank will be the first TD bank in Annandale. The closest TD branches are on Arlington Boulevard in Seven Corners and South Van Dorn Street in Alexandria. “Annandale is an attractive market,” Hernandez says. “We’ve been well-received in Fairfax County, and Annandale is a prime location for us.”

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