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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Annandale kids ready for Halloween

Oops, a whoopie cushion
Halloween isnt just for adults. Kids like to dress up, too. A random survey of children at the Annandale Parade and Festival Oct. 23 about what they plan to be for Halloween generally confirmed the gender stereotypes: Most boys plan to be something scary or gory; while most girls are opting for the harmless and sparkly.

A Braddock Elementary School student named Alexander, age 5, for example, is planning to go trick or treating as Jason, the killer in the “Friday the 13th” movies. Andrew, a student at Luther Jackson Middle School (below right), is going to be a jailbird.

David, age 10, a student at North Springfield Elementary, will dress up as a “bloody butcher,” which he describes as “a butcher that’s bloody.” His eight-year-old brother, Jacob, will be a werewolf. Dennis, a sixth-grader at Poe Middle School will to trick or treating as a zombie, and his brother, age 3, will be Sponge Bob.

The Halloween section
at Kmart
Amelia, age 15 months (above), will be a butterfly. Three-year-old twins Tess and Ella will be, respectively, a pink kitty cat and Abby Cadabby, the fairy from “Sesame Street.” Sisters Kayla, age 9, and sister, Desiree, 6, will both be witches. And Sarah, 17, a student at Bishop Ireton will be a princess.

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