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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coalition that opposes Woodson HS bus depot invites public to community meeting Thursday evening

Everyone who lives in the area near Woodson High School is encouraged to come to a community meeting Thursday evening on the proposed Fairfax County Public Schools bus depot planned for the green space at the high school near the intersection of Pickett Road and Little River Turnpike.

The proposed bus depot would include space for 51 large FCPS buses and 51 personal vehicles, along with a security fence, sliding gates, and 30-foot light poles. It would be accessed via the Woodson Service Road (off Pickett Road), which is also used for the front “kiss and ride” area, faculty parking, and FCPS fuel, food warehouse, and maintenance facilities.

The meeting takes place in Woodson High School Cafeteria A, Oct. 14, at 7:30 p.m. The meeting was organized by the Woodson Parking Lot Coalition (WPLC) and will be chaired by Braddock District Supervisor John Cook.

“Community turnout is critical to demonstrate to Supervisor Cook and FCPS officials that the community is concerned about the negative impacts of the proposed bus depot: traffic, safety, security, and environmental issues,” says Megan McLaughlin, co-chair of the WPLC, along with Sandy Hoch. Local residents who oppose the bus depot are also urged to sign an online petition.

The WPLC was formed by the Woodson Parent Teacher Student Organization, with the Starlit Ponds Homeowners Association and other community residents. The WPTSO passed a resolution opposing the bus depot Sept. 14. “This issue affects the community, not simply Woodson High School,” McLaughlin says. Over the past four months, members of the coalition have met with Rep. Gerry Connolly, Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova, Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning officials, and Cook.


  1. Go Megan and Sandy. Thank you for fighting for our community. Let's hope Supervisor Cook listens. We all know the School Board doesn't!

  2. For those that oppose this, what is the solution that you propose instead? Not knowing the history of this issue, I would assume that this place was selected over others for a reason. Logistically, it seems to make sense to me since the area is at a school and is also currently being used for "FCPS fuel, food warehouse, and maintenance facilities". Buses don't just disappear overnight - they need to be parked somewhere. Maybe the local community would be willing to donate curb space for them instead?

  3. Mad Taxpayer10/14/10, 5:23 PM

    Anonymous - Hi, FCPS Staff - nice to see you spending taxpayer money blogging. And we have budget problems...

    How about - Oh, let's just say - a reasonable solution is MAKE FAIRFAX CITY comply with the purchase agreement they signed to provide a bus depot in exchange for the Eleven Oaks Property and DON'T let DEAN TISTADT give away millions of dollars of real property to Fairfax City without remuneration? How does that sound? Do what you are supposed to do and we don't have problems. Try and snow parents and taxpayers and you get a fight - are you surprised???
    Kind of like the stunts you pulled on Gatehouse II, West County Boundary, Graham Road ES, and your latest, Clifton ES.