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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal shelter seeks donations for 180 cats taken from Annandale cat hoarders

Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter (FFCAS) is in desperate need of donations to help the cats taken from the cat hoarders on Village Drive in Annandale.

Fairfax County Animal Control removed cats (including the ones pictured here) from the house at 7100 Village Drive, Annandale, throughout the weekend. According to Animal Control, more than 160 cats were taken from the house, while FFCAS put the number at more than 180. The occupants of the house, Eleanor and Paula, had run a cat rescue operation but just got overwhelmed, said a neighbor Linda Kozaryn.

The cat ladies have not been charged with a crime, as the situation is still under investigation, a Fairfax County Police spokesperson said.

The cats have been placed in various sites, as the shelter was already full, FFCAS reports. FFCAS is raising funds for critical supplies to help the cats, as they need topical flea medication, antibiotics, and deworming medications. Some also need shots. Donations can be made at online and you can specify that your gift be restricted to these cats.

According to Christina Sadar, coordinator of Fairfax County’s blight abatement program and former chair of the Hoarding Task Force, “there’s no way someone can physically care for that many cats. Think of all the veterinary care.” She’s working with someone in another part of the county whose home is completely stuffed and thinks there’s nothing wrong. Hoarders tend to be “delusional,” Sadar says.

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