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Friday, November 12, 2010

Braddock Elementary's Walk-4-Education fundraising event promotes fitness

Braddock Elementary School in Annandale held its first annual Walk-4-Education walk-a-thon Thursday to raise money for the children of the Braddock community and promote the importance of health and fitness.

The children walked a designated path near the school (at 7825 Heritage Drive) marked by Braddock’s physical education teachers, Ken Jackson and Alex Winiewicz—one mile for kindergarten and first-grade students, two miles for second and third-graders, and three miles for fourth and fifth-graders. Teachers, other faculty, and parents, walked, too. The goal was 100 percent participation. It was scheduled for Veterans’ Day, so parents could come and stay for a special Thanksgiving lunch with their children and an assembly.

“Everything was perfect - gorgeous blue skies with perfect weather conditions, fun, health, fitness, and smiles. Many, many smiles!” says Braddock PTA President Mike Tran. “Kids, parents, teachers, and staff loved the event. It was a huge success at all levels.”

Before the Walk-4-Education event, Braddock students sent letters to their relatives and neighbors asking them to sponsor them and make a donation on their behalf. The Bloom on Columbia Pike and Giant in the Bradlick Shopping Center donated bottled water and fresh fruit at the finish line, and Uncle Slam from the Potomac Nationals baseball team cheered on the kids and shook each of their hands.

Due to the increase in the number of students at Braddock this year, “we are encouraging all families within walking distance to walk their children to school to alleviate the congestion in the ‘kiss and ride’ lanes,” Tran says. “Many parents have initiated this even prior to the request from our principal, Cindy Botzin, as we have many parents who believe in good health and fitness for their children and themselves.”

The Braddock PTA has emphasized fundraising efforts that that promote health, fitness, education, and bringing families together and moved away from activities like selling gift wrap and merchandise, he says. “Today was a perfect example of a community coming together for one worthy cause - our children, our future.”


  1. It would be great to walk kids to school if the start time was not so close to 9 am, when many working parents need to be at their jobs. Walking kids to school is only possible for those minority of families where both parents go back to their home after walking their kids to school.

  2. Congratulations on a successful school fundraiser. How much were you able to bring in? One thing to consider for next time is to have an inflatable bouncer party waiting for the kids at the finish line. This also encourages exercise and fun while allowing for the parents to congregate afterward. You can also use the party to raise money as well.