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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shop Annandale: gift ideas – part 3

Still looking for that perfect gift? Why not check out some local stores right here in Annandale. Our first two “shop Annandale” installments covered a variety of gift ideas from local shops. Here are a few more:

Lil Thingamajigs, 7031 Little River Turnpike, in the shopping center behind the Food Corner Kabob House, has all sorts of cute things, including fun headbands ($10 to $15), a Hello Kitty mug with a lid ($17), and stuffed animal key chains ($6).
The gardening and landscaping season is a few months away, but don’t overlook the gift possibilities at Campbell and Ferrara, 6851 Little River Turnpike. The shop has a large selection of items that would make great gifts, such as birdhouses (the blue one pictured here is $50), sundials ($50), Music of the Spheres wind chimes ($70 to $224 for a huge one), a potted amaryllis ($15), and orchid plants ($20 to $40).

There are fewer antique shops in Annandale than there used to be, but you can still find some cool old stuff at the Antique Emporium, a collection of antique dealers, at 7120 Little River Turnpike. Gene’s Antiques has a variety of interesting objects, like a blue chintz duck ($50), Lalique crystal bells ($200), a Waterford Christmas ball ($75), and a “life size” troll doll, from the 1970s or 80s, Gene says, in its original box ($100).

The ABC store, on 7200 Little River Turnpike, has a variety of gift items. A Bailey’s gift pack with a bottle of original Bailey’s Irish Cream and three miniatures with different flavors is $26. A Maker’s Mark gift pack has a Christmas ornament along with a bottle of whisky. For those out to impress, a boxed bottle of Glenlivet single malt scotch, aged 18 years, was on sale for $79.95. Miniatures, ranging in price from 80 cents to $4.95, make great stocking stuffers. And the ABC has gift cards, too, for those really hard to shop for.

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