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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Annandale Sports Club offers flag football for kids

A new sports league, the Annandale Sports Club, offers flag football and basketball for youths and basketball for adults over 30 this spring. Games start the first week of April. If you’re interested, you can register online.

“We want to keep that Annandale name because that’s where we live, work, and play,” says Terry Adams, the league’s founder.

Adams says the league will be the first in the area with organized flag football games for students in grades 5-8. Flag football is a great way to teach kids about football without the risk of concussion, he says. “We hope parents will see the value of the game without all the contact. The idea is to “build the momentum and skill levels,” so kids will be ready to play football when they get to Annandale High School.

All games will be played on Sundays at school fields. The first game is April 3. Adams says the new league can accommodate up to 10 teams per age group. Parents or other volunteers can register a whole team for the league, or individuals can register and be assigned to a team. Girls and boys can play on the same teams because the rules are the same, he says, and if girls want their own teams, “we’ll help them get organized and play.”

Tryouts for youth basketball, the Annandale Attack, for boys in the fourth and sixth grades will be Feb. 25 and 28, at Lynbrook Elementary School, 6 p.m.

The new league complements the Annandale Boys and Girls Club, which offers a multitude of sports programs, but not flag football or spring basketball for youths. “We’re all better by having more choices,” Adams says. In the future, he would like to expand to rugby and possibly other sports.


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