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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Potential candidates may run against Penny Gross

Mason District members of the Fairfax County Republican Committee are beginning to meet with potential candidates interested in considering a run against Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross. The Annandale blog has learned that one of them is David Feld. That would be surprising, as Feld backed Democratic candidates in the past and hosted a fundraiser last June to support Democrat Kaye Kory’s campaign for the House of Delegates.

Feld, of Lake Barcroft, is the president of GeesePeace, an organization that promotes the humane control of Canada Geese. He is a member of the Annandale Regional Planning Study Committee and is vice president of the Mason District Council.

Gross, a Democrat, has served on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors since 1995. “She would be a tough opponent,” says Anthony Beddell, chair of the Fairfax County Republican Committee, but “could be defeated by a moderate” [i.e. not someone identified with the Tea Party]. And if voter turnout is low in the mid-term election next November, a Republican would have an advantage, he notes. “The only way to win is to build a solid grassroots campaign.”

Update, Feb. 16, 3 p.m.: Feld acknowledges he has “made inquiries” about running - “as a Democrat, independent, or Republican” - but hasn’t made a decision yet.


  1. He donated $100 to Penny Gross in 2002

    Hed donated to Robb (D) for Senate

  2. Good, someone who isnt a complete ideologue.

  3. I hope someone runs against Penny Gross or throws her out of office. She misrepresents citizens concerns, so that the county can take big money from developers and home builders to build the county tax base. She doesnt care about the voters in the county cause she has been in office too long (l995) and thinks she is untouchable. She makes decisions based on revenue alone and that is dispicable. Her Planning Commission appointee Janet Hall even had the gall in a public hearing to actually say out loud "I can do anything I want". She is a clone of Penny Gross!! This county needs someone who will listen to citizens/voter rights and needs. Lets get Penny Gross out of office!!!!! Better yet, RESIGN!!