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Saturday, February 19, 2011

VA Senate to vote on bill requiring parent notification of school discipline violations

The Virginia Senate plans to vote on a bill introduced by Del. Kaye Kory to require the school principal to notify the parents of a student who violates a school board policy or the compulsory school attendance requirements when the violation is likely to result in the student’s suspension or the filing of a court petition.

The House passed the bill (HB 1548) unanimously Feb. 3. It was reported out of the Senate Education and Health Committee Feb. 17 by a vote of 8-7.
Kory calls the mandate to keep parents informed about discipline issues involving their children “common sense.”

The Virginia School Boards Association is calling upon its members to urge their representatives in the Senate to vote against it because they say it would impose additional reporting requirements on school personnel and because school boards already have discipline reporting procedures.

Proponents of the bill argue that parents have a right to know if their children are in trouble. And if schools already report this information to parents, why should school boards oppose the bill? They call upon voters to contact their representatives in the state Senate by Monday to urge them to vote for the bill. Majority Leader Richard Saslaw (35th District) represents most of Annandale. Click here for contact information for other Senate members. 

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