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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Korean-American community helps clean up Annandale

Steven Choi (left) with members
of the Annandale clean-up crew.
About 40 to 50 people took part in the annual Annandale Clean-up event Saturday morning organized by the Korean American Association of the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Helen Winter, who heads beautification efforts for the Annandale Revitalization Committee, brought trash bags and registered participants at a table set up in the George Mason Regional Library parking lot. Several members of the Annandale Chamber of Commerce and other local residents joined the Korean American community in filling up orange trash bags with roadside litter.

“We live here. We do business here. We are part of the community,” said Steven Choi, president of the Korean American Association, which has been sponsoring the event since 2003. “We want people to know we respect the town where we live and that we are part of Annandale.” The associations office is in the Evergreen complex on Little River Turnpike.

If the group had signs around Annandale promoting the event, more people would probably have shown up. Maybe next year?

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