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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Redistricting plan would split Ravensworth-Bristow community

The Ravensworth-Bristow Civic Association is not happy about being split among two Fairfax County Districts.

The county redistricting plan approved by the Board of Supervisors April 26 would shift the Bristow precinct from the Braddock to the Mason districts.

The Bristow precinct is bordered by Little River Turnpike, Ravensworth Road, and Heritage Driver. The polling place is Annandale Terrace Elementary School. That area includes part of the Ravensworth-Bristow neighborhood. That area would shift to the Mason District.

But another part of the neighborhood, roughly bordered by Ravensworth Road, Braddock Road, and American Road, is in the Heritage precinct, which would remain in the Braddock District. The voting place for Heritage is Braddock Elementary School.

Representatives of the Ravensworth-Bristow Civic Association have sent letters to the redistricting committee and county officials urging that it not be split among two districts. Braddock Supervisor John Cook is disappointed that a community would be divided, but believes it’s a good plan overall, says his chief of staff, Ryan Kelly.

An adjustment of the county’s district boundaries is required every 10 years to make sure each district’s population is roughly equivalent. Both the Mason and Braddock districts have grown, but their population is still under the target so they they need to gain more land.

A citizens advisory committee had submitted 22 redistricting plans to the Board of Supervisors. The plan approved by the board would move seven precincts.

Only one other change affects the Mason District: The Walnut Hill #2 precinct would move from the Providence District to Mason. Walnut Hill #2 is bordered by Arlington Boulevard, Jaguar Trail, Marc Drive, Falls Church High School, St. Philips Church, Camp Alger Avenue, Carol Lane, Annandale Road, and Holmes Run. The polling place is the Alan Leis Instructional Center at Walnut Hill.

Walnut Hill #2 is adjacent to the Walnut Hill #1 precinct, which is already in the Mason District.

In other changes under the redistricting plan, the Eagle View and Monument Districts would move from Springfield to the Braddock District. Those precincts are near the Fair Oaks shopping center, and Monument includes the Fairfax Government Center.

Also, the Hunt precinct would move from Mount Vernon to Springield, Coates would move from Hunter Mill to Dranesville, and Colvin would shift from Dranesville to Hunter Mill.

The redistricting plan must now be reviewed by the U.S. Justice Department to determine whether it is discriminatory according to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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