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Friday, April 29, 2011

Virginia's redistricting plan: Big changes for Mason District

The redistricting plan approved by the Virginia legislature April 28 will have a major impact on voters in Annandale and the Mason District. Gov. Robert McDonnell is expected to sign it (after vetoing an earlier plan), but it still must be approved by the U.S. Justice Department before it takes effect.

Currently the Mason District is split among the 11th congressional district (Rep. Gerry Connolly) and the 8th (Rep. Jim Moran). That would remain, but four precincts now represented by Connolly would switch to Moran: Brook Hill, Holmes #1, Leewood, and Poe. Part of the St. Albans precinct would also be represented by Moran.

Under the plan, the Virginia Senate’s 35th District, represented by Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, would cover a larger portion of the Mason District.

Nine precincts now in the 31st district, represented by Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, would move into Saslaw’s district: Bailey’s, Barcroft, Glen Forest #1, Glen Forest #2, Holmes #1, Holmes, #2, Ravenwood, Skyline, and Willston.

Whipple, who currently represents the city of Falls Church and most of Arlington, would no longer represent any precincts in the Mason District.

Saslaw would retain 11 Mason precincts: Bren Mar, Brook Hill, Edsall, Leewood, Lincolnia, Parklawn, Poe, Westlawn, Weyanoke, Whittier, and Walnut Hill #1.

Four precincts now in Saslaw’s district would move to the 37th District, which is represented by Sen. David Marsden: Belvedere, Columbia, Masonville, and St. Albans. Part of the Sleepy Hollow precinct would also switch from Saslaw to Marsden.

The Hummer precinct would switch from the 34th District (Sen. Chap Petersen) to Marsden. Peterson would continue to represent the Camelot and Ridgelea precincts. Currently, no Mason precincts are in Marsden’s district.

Lots of Mason precincts would have different representatives in the General Assembly.

Holmes #1 and part of Baileys would switch from the 49th District (Del. Adam Ebbin) to the 38th (Del. Kaye Kory). Ebbin is vacating that seat to run for the Senate. Skyline would shift from the 46th (Del. Charniele Herring) to the 49th.

Three precincts would switch from the 39th (Del. Vivian Watts) to Kory: Brook Hill, Columbia, and Hummer.

The Bren Mar and Edsall precincts and part of Weyanoke would switch from Kory to Watts.

Ridgelea would shift from the 37th District (Del. David Bulova) to Watts, and Camelot, now represented by Bulova would be divided among the 39th (Watts) and the 53rd (Del. James Scott).

Kory would retain these precincts: Barcroft, Belvedere, Holmes #2, Lincolnia, Masonville, Parklawn, Poe, Ravenwood, Sleepy Hollow, St. Albans, and Westlawn. Watts would retain Leewood.

The Bristow precinct, which would shift from the Braddock District to the Mason District under the proposed redistricting plan for Fairfax County would be represented by Rep. Connolly, state Sen. Marsden, and Del. Kory.

The Walnut Hill #2 district, which would move from Providence to Mason, would be represented by Rep. Moran, state Sen. Saslaw, and Del. Scott.

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