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Friday, May 13, 2011

Resident of King Solomon Drive listed on sex offenders registry

The Virginia State Police issued a notification April 26 about Annandale resident James Michael Chittenden being listed on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry. He lives at 4807 King Solomon Drive and works at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Fairfax.

Chittenden was convicted in 2007 in Arlington of taking indecent liberties with children.

He is white, age 32, six feet tall, 165 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Individuals are listed on the registry for public information purposes. Using information on the sex offender registry to intimidate or harass an offender is prohibited by law and punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.


  1. Its wrong to post this information. the man has paid his debt to society

  2. We have thought about whether its a good idea to publish these notices and decided, for now anyway, that people would want to know if an offender lives on their street. What do other readers think?

  3. A friend was telling me on Monday about how they hired a neighborhood man to do some work at their house. The first time the man did the work, the husband was the only one home(the wife and daughters were out of town). They thought that he did a good job. When they needed more work, they decided to hire him again. This time the wife and 2 young daughters were home. When the man came, she said that she was uncomfortable with the way the man was looking at her and the 2 daughters. She told her husband to find out more info about the man. He did some searching and found out that he had been convicted of a sex offense. This made the husband angry with himself that he did not find out more about the man ahead of time and had let the man come in his house with the wife and 2 daughters.

    Even though someone may have paid their debt by being in jail, it does not necessarily mean they won't do it again. It is good to know this info so people can make an informed decision. Better safe than sorry.

  4. More importantly, this info is readily available and open to the public. This blog is just posting it relative to a specific audience/neighborhood. If the original poster has a problem with it, the issue lies with federal/state law, not this blog. Also, who cares? maybe he shouldn't have screwed with children in the first place.

  5. If the perverts can find information online about where the playgrounds and parks are, people should be able to look online and find out where the sex offenders live.

  6. The whole sex offender registry is messed up, there should list people that are real pedophiles, not people that made a mistake but through therapy and evaluation showed that they won't do the crime again , of corse it keeps us safe but it ruins lives of those who aren't a threat to society at all

  7. I appreciate this post. I have been looking to move into the area for months, and would like to learn more about circumstances of the registsered sex offenders.
    I can see the charges listed on the official website - but that doesn't tell me if it the person is violent and dangerous, or just happened to make a stupid mistake.
    Any info on this person is much appreciated! I can't seem to find any newspaper articles on him.