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Friday, July 22, 2011

New sidewalks to be installed along Columbia Pike in Annandale

Columbia Pike
New, wider brick sidewalks will be installed along a few blocks of Columbia Pike in Annandale from the Bank of America to just beyond the fire station.

Construction is expected to start in early 2012, says Robert Ayers, an engineer in the Fairfax County Department of Transportation who is overseeing the project. The new sidewalks will be only on the side of the street with ACCA (Annandale Christian Community Action).

The project, aimed at making Annandale more pedestrian friendly, also includes landscaping and ornamental streetlights.
John Marr Drive
This is the final phase of a revitalization effort that included an improved streetscape along John Marr Drive, Tollhouse Park, and other projects.

Funding for the sidewalks comes from county bonds and from a VDOT-administered, federally sponsored enhancement grant, says Ayers. Construction is expected to take about five months, depending on the weather.

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  1. Takes more than attractive sidewalks to make a place pedestrian-friendly. How about installing some button-controlled walk lights, so I dont have to push my stroller across four lanes of near-highway-speed traffic?