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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Exterior walls up on new elementary school in Annandale

Lots of progress has been made at the new elementary school at the Lacey site in Annandale, although the project is still a bit behind schedule. It’s expected to be completed in February and will open for business in September 2012.

The roof framing is done, and workers have started installing the roof decking, says Joseph Krzywicki, the on-site field construction representative for Fairfax County Public Schools. Work is under way on the brick fa├žade and roughing in the mechanics on the first floor. The driveway aprons are done, and new curbs, sidewalks, roadwork are underway on Crest Drive.

The new Annandale area boundary plan approved by the FCPS school board July 28 set the attendance area for the new school, as well as adjusted various middle and high school boundaries to relieve overcrowding at Annandale High School. Parts of the enrollment at Annandale Terrace, Beech Tree, Belvedere, and Woodburn will attend the new school.


  1. Really hope there will be a pedestrial cut-through to Gallows, to improve the ability to walk to school for people who live down off Gallows.

  2. Cut threw, for petes sake, the school board is a public disgrace, they should collectively seek the way of a disgraced Samurai. The kids and tax payers need a board that understands that they serve the public, not themselves. Clearly, this is NOT that board.

  3. Return the name to the traditional Masonville Elementary School.