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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene leaves its mark on Annandale

Hurricane Irene has left hundreds of downed trees and powerlines all over Annandale.

Bill Epley, of 7513 Dolce Drive, Annandale, heard a hell of a crash at about 4:30 a.m. It really shook the house pretty well, he says. There was also some water damage. He had been preparing to have a new roof installed, and the building materials were had already been placed on the roof.

The owners of this house, on Brookcrest Place, Annandale, had just finished remodeling their house and had been planning to move in this week.

The same house, in back.

A giant tree blocking Hummer Road took down the power lines.

3528 Large Lane, Annandale.

A tree is blocking Trammel Road in Annandale.

The clean-up has already started on Murray Lane, Annandale.


  1. I was wondering why Hummer was closed today - makes sense - thanks for all the updates!

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  3. I am flabbergasted by these pix. We got virtually nothing up here. I used to live on Montgomery Street. Lots of big, old trees. How did it fare over there?