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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super Pets will relocate to Springfield

The Annandale blogger has spent a lot of time at Super Pets, so we’re sorry the Annandale landmark has closed. It will reopen in a couple of months in the Ravensworth Shopping Center at the Braddock Road and Port Royal Road intersection, across from Wakefield Park.

The family-run business, has been an Annandale institution for 50 years, including 18 years at its former location on John Marr Drive.

We’ve shopped at the Super Pets for years, purchasing fish, aquarium supplies, guinea pigs and supplies, cat paraphernalia, and many, many crickets for the boys’ anoles and frogs. According to the store’s manager, Super Pets lost its lease, but we’re wondering if the new Petco on Little River Turnpike might have been a factor in the store’s closing.


  1. DL Thurston8/9/11, 12:54 PM

    At least they are relocating and not closing. When you said Springfield I was worried that would mean all the way near Franconia. Ravensworth is just barely not in Annandale.

    Still, I'll miss being able to stop in on a whim while at Shilla.

  2. I hope nothing tacky moves in there.... that is one of the nicer looking shopping areas.