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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Owner of dog shot by police is pursuing legal action

Tommy Tomlo, the owner of the dog shot and killed by a police officer yesterday on his front yard in the Parklawn neighborhood plans to pursue legal action against the officer.

Tomlo told the Annandale blog he is filing a civil lawsuit against Officer M. Tucker and the Fairfax County Police. He has also contacted PETA, the Humane Society, the Virginia Citizens Coalition for PoliceAccountability, and additional media outlets.

“It is speculative and not proven that the dog ever charged the officer,” Tomlo says. “He was hunted down to his own front door step, cornered, and gunned down in broad daylight in a residential family neighborhood without warrant. The officers saying he was attacked is a false statement. It needs to be clear that the dog was cornered and had nowhere to go when he was killed.”

Crash had never once behaved “in a harmful or vicious manner,” Tomlo says. “There were never any reports, incidents, or threats. The only thing that had ever happened was the dog got out of his fence. That’s what dogs do. It happens. He was known and loved by everyone in the neighborhood, from 3-year-old kids to a 90-year-old neighbor. Everyone knew and loved him.”

The story published in the Annandale blog yesterday “makes it sound like he was an uncontrollable pit bull running on the loose,” Tomlo says, and a reader might think “this dog was  repeatedly running out of control and attacked an officer and should have been shot. But this is not the case. The dog was hunted down, cornered, shot, and killed on my front porch.”


  1. Why cant the big brave cop capture Crash? Or how about tranquilizing this dangerous dog laying in his own yard? Scumbag cop just wanted to shoot Crash because he was a known escape artist - yeah that's reason to kill a dog.

  2. You dont have a clue what youre talking about. Neither you, nor I, were there. You automatically assume the officer acted with malice when all the information you have is from the news and immature, misinformed teenage internet posters. Wait for all the facts to come out first.

  3. There have been way too many cops who have used the same stupid excuses, and its amazing how the words ALMOST ALWAYS sound EXACTLY the same, no matter what the geographical location of the killer cop.

    When they corner a dog so it has nowhere else to go, Anonymous #2, THEY SHOULD TAKE OUT THE PEPPER SPRAY THEY ALL CARRY AND USE IT IF THEY'RE AFRAID, THEN CONTAIN WHAT THEY KNOW IS A FAMILY PET!!!!! If you think that murdering someone's dog is a great thing to do when they have NON-LETHAL means of controlling the situation if they really are scared, then you are a fool. My dog is not a thing: she's family, and that's how MOST of the people in this country look at their pets! It's past time cops started to do that as well, and became smart enough to use the pepper spray THEY ALL CARRY, instead of being too stupid to pull it off their belts. They also have tazers.. also non-lethal.

    In this day and age there is NO REASON to kill a dog unless you don't care about the people you're supposed to be serving or how they feel. Every cop who does this should be fired - anyone capable of killing a dog with so little thought will do the same thing to a human being just like any other animal abuser.

  4. The cops now are just the dumb asses that didnt qualify for that TSA job. "Protect and Serve" the doughnuts is all they are good for anymore.