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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sewage spill pollutes Holmes Run

The City of Alexandria is advising residents to avoid direct contact with waters in Holmes Run downstream of Ripley Street near the intersection with Holmes Run Parkway due a sewage spill.
According to the city, two sanitary sewer lines are damaged, one owned by the City of Alexandria and one owned by Fairfax County. Crews from both jurisdictions are working on repairs and cleanup.

Alexandria estimates the spill should be contained by 5 p.m. Sunday. Sewage repairs should take three to six weeks.

“Residents are advised not to fish in or have any contact with the waters, including wading or swimming, until further notice,” states an email from the City of Alexandria. “Parents are advised to keep children and pets away from the streams. Avoiding human and pet contact with these waters will help to eliminate the risk of exposure to untreated sewage from this spill.”

The message says city staff are investigating the infrastructure to ensure there are no additional leaks or discharges contributing to the spill. It says “sewer overflow is currently being contained behind an existing concrete check dam downstream of the break, which prevents discharge from spreading further downstream.”

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  1. An update issued by the City of Alexandria Oct. 11 advises residents "to continue to avoid any direct contact with waters in Holmes Run downstream of the Ripley Street fair weather crossing."

    According to the city, the spill has been contained and work is still going on to repair the broken sewer pipes. The cause of the sewer pipe breaks is still undetermined.

    "City crews are erecting a temporary sound barrier on site to mitigate noise created by the pumps, which were needed in order to prevent additional sewage from spilling into Holmes Run," it says. Workers are expected to start using quieter pumps within two to three days.