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Friday, October 28, 2011

Volunteers clean-up Americana Drive

Sidewalk uncovered on Americana Drive

Last Saturday, Sen. David  Marsden, Fairfax County Supervisor John Cook, community members, volunteers from VDOT and Fluor-Transurban, and inmates supervised by the Sheriff's office took part in a clean-up along Americana Drive in Annandale. Representatives from Dominion Power contributed to the effort earlier in the week. While the crews were removing wood debris, they uncovered a long forgotten sidewalk.

In early August I was contacted by the Fairfax County Restoration Project, regarding a large amount of construction debris left on Americana Drive after a recent construction project on I-495. That area was hit hard by the recent housing market collapse, and the construction debris was another blow to this heavily populated area, Marsden says.

Normally, in projects like this, it is next to impossible to get this many different organizations on the same page, Marsden says, but we were able to work with some truly amazing individuals who had the experience and dedication necessary to pull this effort together. He expressed appreciation to Steve Shannon and Lauren Mollerup at VDOT, Rosemary Ryan in Supervisor Cooks office, Sheriff Stan Berry, and the hard-working road crews from Dominion Power and Fluor-Lane for working together on this project. 


  1. You cant clean up Americana Drive unless INS is involved.

  2. If you want to spew your racism, there is another forum for bigots like you - Fairfax Underground. I enjoy this blog because it's a positive and informative online environment for all of is who live in Annandale, and I would hate for people to turn it into an available battle ground to use it to divide our community.

  3. You are right, the people who break the law daily by loitering along Little River, leave trash everywhere, and sexually harass woman each day are a real asset to the community. Nevermind the countless other crimes that are on the rise lately. People like you only care if you can pay them slave wages to cut your grass. You are people like you are the reason why Annandale is often known as a joke to others in Northern VA.

  4. Speaking the truth and upholding our laws are NOT racist. I am tired of people making this a racial issue when illegals are clearly a policy and law enforcement issue. It doesn't matter what race you are, illegal is illegal. Our politicians are enforcing our immigration laws for their own political benefit. As a result, our communities suffer. By the way, I am a minority, but I don't view myself as a certain "race", but a concerned American citizen.

  5. I meant to say above, Our politicians are NOT enforcing our immigration laws for their own political benefit.

  6. Yet no one has anything to say about the shady Korean businesses in our area. Young Asian girls are brought here illegally and prostituted in the ethnic restaurants and the restaurant owners live in houses on Hummer Road that none of the readers can afford....yet it's funny the focus is on the day laborers rather than the "legit" businesses here who are robbing the government point blank in the face.

  7. Illegal is Illegal, no matter what the issue. There have been crackdowns on those so called "shady Korean businesses", which is good.
    The reason day laborers get the attention here is because the topic is on cleaning up our streets.