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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Election results show wins for Marsden, Gross, Cook, and McLaughlin

Voters in the Annandale/Mason area supported incumbents on Election Day.

In a closely watched race for the 37th Senate District, the Democratic incumbent Dave Marsden pulled in 53.6 percent of the vote, compared to 46.3 percent for Republican Jason Flanary, with all precincts counted. 

The race for supervisor of the Braddock District was extremely close. With all precincts reporting, the Republican incumbent John Cook got 49.3 percent of the vote, while Janet Oleszek (D) got 47.8 percent.

For the at-large candidates for the Fairfax County school board, voters supported the candidates endorsed by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. Here are the results:
Ilryong Moon, the only incumbent—17.8 percent
Ryan McElveen—16.8 percent
Ted Velkoff—16.5 percent
Sheree Brown-Kaplan—15.7 percent
Lolita Mancheno-Smoak—13.6 percent
Lin-Dai Kendall—12.2 percent
Steve Stuban—7.3 percent

Moon, McElveen, and Velkoff were endorsed by the Democrats, and Brown-Kaplan, Mancheno-Smoak, and Kendall were endorsed by the Republicans.

In the contest for the Braddock District on the school board, Megan McLaughlin won, with 60 percent of the vote, over Nell Hurley with 40 percent. McLaughlin was endorsed by the Democrats, while the Republicans endorsed Hurley. Mason District school board member Sandy Evans was unopposed.

In the race for Mason District supervisor, Penny Gross, the long-time Democratic incumbent, got 65.5 percent of the vote, compared to 35.5 percent for David Feld (R). Gross won in every precinct.

“The theme of my campaign was ‘people focused and proven results,’” Gross said at a gathering of supporters at her campaign headquarters after the election. “I think the election results show the effectiveness of that theme.”

With all precincts counted, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova (D) cruised to an easy win with 59.4 percent of the vote against Mike J. “Spike” Williams (R) with 35.6 percent.
Del. Kaye Kory (D), who didn’t have a Republican opponent, got 77.7 percent of the vote, while Independent Jim Leslie got 22.2 percent.

In the 35th District, Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw beat Republican challenger Robert Sarvis 61.8 percent to 35.9 percent.

The school bond passed with 69.7 percent Yes votes.

The three top vote-getters for soil and water conservation director were George Lamb (25.5 percent), John Peterson (23 percent), and Johna Good Gagnon (22.1 percent).


  1. Four more years of GROSS NEGLECT of our neighborhoods and litter all over our streets.

  2. The third place vote-getter for the soil and water conservation election is Johna Good Gagnon. She and George Lamb are both incumbents.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry about the typo. It has been corrected.

  5. Thank God the Republicans won control of the Senate - ensuring Virginia will have a great future. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

  6. A bumpy, treacherous, downhill ride. God save America.

  7. People who only vote because of Party lines need to wake up. Some of these incumbents have not really improved the quality of the area much and still get voted in. It's really sad people can be blinded & brainwashed by sticking to a certain party even if its better for the community to have a new candidate & fresh ideas.