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Friday, December 2, 2011

35 houses planned for property now occupied by Campbell & Ferrara

The Fairfax County Planning Commission is scheduled to hear a proposal for a housing development on the property occupied by the Campbell and Ferarra Nursery. The Mason District Land Use Committee still has some concerns with the proposal and will consider it again at its next meeting Jan 24.

The developer, Stanley Martin Homes, wants to squeeze 35 single-family homes on the nine-acre site on Little River Turnpike. The proposal is somewhat revised from an earlier plan reported here in March 2010. An even earlier proposal for denser development on the site was denied by the Planning Commission in 2006.

The owners of the nursery, Jim and Donna Campbell, are planning to look for a new location for their outdoor living and landscaping design business but will no longer sell plants or garden supplies. Campbell & Ferarra has been in business since 1945.

As the plan stands now, the only access to the proposed Calloway development will at Willow Run Drive, attorney Gregory Riegle of McGuireWoods, told the Mason Land Use Committee Nov. 29.

The brick-and-siding houses would be 2,900 to 3,100 square feet and would have two-car garages. Another two parking spaces would be reserved for each house, and there would be just 23 parking spaces for visitors. [So what happens if someone wants to have a party?]

Riegle said the developer would put in two parks, install a system to manage stormwater runoff, restore a stream on the property, put in a landscaping buffer to shield the development from existing homes, and remove invasive plants.

At the meeting, there were questions from committee members and local residents about whether the proposed stormwater system will be effective enough to prevent flooding in nearby homes, who will be responsible for maintaining it—the county or the Calloway homeowners association—and whether the proposed limited access plans will lead to traffic back-ups on Willow Run.


  1. Will they still be having commercial space there for retail, etc?

  2. No - they will drop that part of the business.

  3. Im a big drive to work guy unless you live right near a metrorail stop but 4 parking spaces for each tiny home? How many people really have 4 cars? Buy a house in East Egypt like Cenetrville or Ashburn if you need that kind of car space. Cut back on the number of spots, reduce the number of homes, and raise the price. You'll attract better quality residents that way AND cut down on traffic.

  4. This makes me sad...

    More houses, less open land.

  5. On the 29G AND 29H busroutes, and walking distance to the 17M.

    not only is 4 spaces per acre absburd, so is making this SFH's. Better to have townhouses with retail, and add to the critical mass for transit and walkability.

  6. NOOOOOO!!!!

    Agreed: we need more retail, not single-family houses.