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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Proprietor of Braddock yard sales considering shutting down

Michael Tyrone Suggs told the Annandale blog he is “disappointed” in his neighbors for complaining about the frequent yard sales in front of the house he leases at 4500 Braddock Road, Lincolnia.

Neighbors have complained that the yard sales are unsightly and that the traffic is a nuisance and unsafe. There is nowhere to park along that part of Braddock (between Overlook Drive and Vale Street); most people visiting the yard sale park on Witch Hazel Road. 

On Saturday, Jan. 7, several customers were browsing among the washing machines, dryers, refrigerators microwave ovens, audio equipment, bikes, toys, strollers, clothes, framed pictures, and other items along the street. A fairly new GE washer was priced at $500.

Suggs said he’s been told by the police that he can’t have more than two yard sales a year and that he will need to purchase a permit for additional yard sales. “I hate to be anti-neighbor but I’m thinking of shutting down,” he said.

According to Fairfax County zoning ordinances, occupants of homes in areas zoned residential are restricted to two yard sales a year, and the sales must be “limited to items not purchased for resale.” Permits are needed for community-wide yard sales but we couldn’t find anything about permit requirements for individual yard sales.

Suggs said he gets the appliances lining his front yard at auctions or from the Salvation Army. He wants people to know he is a veteran and a patriot and that he contributes about $1,000 of his annual yard sale profits to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Disabled American Veterans, and other veterans groups. “Let’s see how much they donate to humanitarian causes,” he said of his neighbors.


  1. It is immaterial that he is a veteran or anything else, except that he is a GUEST/TENANT by virtue of the lease he is violating by being non-compliant with the codes of the County of Fairfax and/or the Community Association.

    Since he is in violation of the lease he should be evicted immediately. Problem solved.
    Pay the rent, abide by the rules, you stay. Pay the rent, violate the rules, you go.

    I am sick of the FERAL behavior of TENANTS who ABUSE and disrespect the PRIVILEGE that they are given in occupying the home of the OWNER.
    THESE TENANTS undermine the integrity and value of the homes of all of the owners in the neighborhood and have nothing to lose, since they are already losers.

  2. He goes well beyond two yard sales a year, or even a month - he is up to two a weekend. He had one today and his next door neighbor had one yesterday - but it was all the same stuff, and they've been doing this every weekend for months now. Aside from looking terrible, it creates a traffic jam at that corner, and if he's purchasing those appliances for resale (which he says he is in your article) then clearly he's violating the code. No way this stuff is his or was just hanging around in his garage. He is clearly doing this to earn money and is attempting to skirt the law, so hopefully the police will shut him down soon.

  3. Let’s see how much they donate to humanitarian causes, he said of his neighbors.

    That is immaterial. It doesn't matter if he donates some money to charitable causes; he's breaking the law.

  4. If you are constantly selling multiple newish appliances such as the washer for $500, they were either purchased for resale or are "fallen off the truck" stolen. If enough people complain to the neighbor (guy who leases the home to him) he very well just end up terminating the lease and evicting him.

  5. Day laborers lining the streets are also an eyesore and many of them are probably illegal, which is breaking the law. Yet, no one does anything about that... If people want this guy shut down because he is "breaking the law" then so should other "law-breakers"

  6. I am glad to hear that he is going to get shut down. He has yard sales during the work week, at rush hour. It's ridiculous.