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Friday, February 17, 2012

How can Annandale be improved?

Little River Turnpike is not that pleasant for walking around
We asked random people who live or work around here how they think Annandale can be improved.

Almost everyone said they would like Annandale to be more pedestrian friendly. Here’s how one person put it: “Annandale needs to be more walkable, more like central Falls Church. The way it is now, things are too spread out. It feels kind of transient.”

Here are some other ideas people mentioned for improving the community:

“Mason District Park needs to be cleaned up. There’s too much litter all over the place.”

“Better bus transportation. There used to be a bus that went along Sleepy Hollow Road to Seven Corners and Bailey’s Crossroads.”

“More could be done with the Annandale Carnival, although the Halloween parade is great.”

“How about a big July 4 celebration or a First Night New Year’s Eve event, like the one in Falls Church? Maybe the Korean community could sponsor a Korean barbecue cook-off.”

“The parkland and walking trails should be better taken care of.”

“Break up the large parking lots at Kmart and Giant by adding ‘islands’ with trees and flowers.”

“Create a town center in Annandale.”

“Provide better bus service from central Annandale to Metro stations.”


  1. How about passing and enforcing a NO LOITERING law? That'd be a great start. Oh, and how about some enforcement of jaywalking, and basic traffic laws? Oh, how about stopping the gambling that goes on in front of the 7-11?

  2. Definitely better sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians. If we could get safer (wider) sidewalks and clearer (better marked with lights) crosswalks I think more people would walk to "downtown" Annandale. On another note...The parade is great, it really reminds us that Annandale is a small town community. So other events similar in feel to that would promote Annandale in the same way (ex. festivals, community gatherings, etc).

  3. Enforcing the loitering laws would be good, the Annandale Swim and Tennis club has some of the most beautiful grounds in NOVA, yet some folks are scarred off by the loitering day laborers frequenting the service road. Another improvement would be to stop the prostitutes "working" the parking lot at McDonald's and Wendy's. It is no wonder the county school board treats the residents of the Mason District with resolute disdain (as measured by their actions against them), led by the thankfully in retirement Tessie Wilson. The legacy of Gerry Connolly lives in Annandale.

  4. Stop loitering...and why don't County employees at Mason District Park have DAILY trash patrols around the pond and turf field areas? Is that too much to ask? See them zipping around in golfcarts...what do they do for their money??!!

  5. Direct bus service (no transfers needed)from cental Annandale to metro stations = Franconia-Springfield, King Street (except Sunday), Pentagon, East Falls Church, Dunn Loring. Maybe these need to be publicized better.

  6. Agreed that more frequent limited-stop bus service would be #1.

  7. No Loitering and cleaning up the streets of day laborers is def number 1 to create a more visually appealing area. Number 2, having more community events/locations like a town center where people can walk around, shop, dine, etc would be great

  8. remove all the illegal aliens

    1. I strongly AGREE since from the way they trash the place they definitely have no feelings of belonging.

  9. Please passing and enforcing a NO LOITERING law in Annandale. It is shameful what some of these people do in this town. I love here and everyday when I go for a walk I take gloves and a trash bag with me and the empty bottles of beer and soda I pick up are just a drop in a bucket. I do where people that trash the place in this manner come from but I think in their country maybe is allowed and they do not better till a law get enforced. I am sure residents would not mind to volunteer to help monitoring and report to the county. Something MUST be done about it or people will start leaving the town. I own my home here but I am thinking about living because of it