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Monday, March 26, 2012

County offices moving to Annandale

The interior of the Heritage office complex at 7611 Little River Turnpike (above) is being renovated to accommodate about 400 Fairfax County Family Services employees who are moving from Falls Church to Annandale.  
The move-in date is tentatively scheduled for June, says Janice Hubbell, division director for Regions 2 and 3 in the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services. The offices are moving because the county was unable to renegotiate a lease for their current location at 6245 Leesburg Pike.
“It’s going to be great for Annandale,” says Mason Supervisor Penny Gross. “If those people had to move, I’m delighted they’re staying in Mason District. The new location is close to the beltway and significant bus routes.”
“It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue to serve people from Falls Church while bringing services to more people in Annandale,” Gross says. “The move will also bring more business to Annandale restaurants, drug stores, and drycleaners.”

According to Hubbell, the offices being relocated to the Heritage complex include parts of these agencies that serve the Annandale area: Health and Human Services, mental health services of the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, alcohol and drug referral services for adults, services for youths in the juvenile justice court system, a small education program to help adults earn GEDs, and the SkillSource job referral program.

The Leesburg Pike building that housed these agencies, was “one of the busiest buildings in the county,” she says.

Capt. Joe Hill of the West Springfield Police District says there will be increased police presence at the Heritage complex because some of the offices have late night and weekend hours for client appointments.  


  1. Penny finally did something for Annandale... oh, wait... she brought us mental health cases, drug and alcohol addicts and juvenile delinquints. Guess it fits in with the mess she's making for us here. Thanks Penny.

  2. Yeah, just the kind of traffic we want to further jam up LRT. What a mess.

  3. And.... as an added bonus, they can pick up the day laborers across the street if they need any additional people to provide "services" to....

  4. This makes me sad. While these are important services, it shows the continual decline in the District. Springfield and Beauregard Corridor are being revitalized. What's happening in Mason District? Where is the plan for mixed use retail/living space that will help alleviate traffic, improve our tax base and bring a sense of hope and future to Mason?

  5. I agree. This is not anything to be excited about. Perpetuates the idea, I am afraid, that Annandale is a declining area, only good for second-hand stores like Joseph's Coat, MexicanLatino restaurants and now social services. When I first moved here 10 years ago, Annandale seemed like a good address to have. I don't think so anymore.

  6. Maybe they are just moving closer to the people they need to provide services to. Has anyone inquired as to why they lost their lease to see if it had anything to do with who was visiting the location? Can anyone say skid row?

  7. Hurrah: Now we disrupted the commuting plans for 400 people and adding more traffic to LRT. the light at 234 and Heritage is a killer as it is. Once again shade of the Seminary Road debacle. No public transportation, unless you take the Metro from Falls Church to the Pentagon, and then a bus to LRT (maybe 4 hours or more r/t). Who makes these decisions?