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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fairfax County Republicans go for Romney over Paul

Mitt Romney got 65.2 percent of the vote in Fairfax County in the Republican primary yesterday, which is a bit more than the 59.5 percent statewide vote for Romney, the Virginia Board of Elections reports.

The Virginia Republican primary doesn’t have a huge amount of credibility, though, as Ron Paul and Romney were the only candidates who qualfied for the ballot, and voter turnout was only 5.1 percent. In Fairfax County, turnout was nearly 6 percent.

Among Mason District precincts, Paul did best in Bailey’s (44 percent), Masonville (44 percent), Columbia (42 percent), and Bristow (40 percent). Romney did best in Ridglea (76 percent), Ravenwood (73 percent), Camelot (73 percent), and Barcroft (72 percent).

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