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Friday, March 23, 2012

Mason community associations oppose PDH zoning

The Mason District Council of Community Associations last night unanimously approved a resolution that had been passed by the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations in December urging the Board of Supervisors to deny requests for re-zoning from residential to P-type zoning for infill developments.

P-type zoning includes the PDH (planned development housing) category, which allows higher density than regular residential zoning. PDH rezoning requests are a particular concern in the Mason District, where developers are increasingly trying to use this option to squeeze more houses into small properties within older, established neighborhoods.

There are several infill development proposals in Mason that are bitterly opposed by surrounding community associations. These include infill proposals at Peace Valley Lane, the Campbell and Ferrara property, and the Cornejo property.

Following MDC’s approval of the resolution, the group’s land use chair, Kate Sriwardene, president of the Wilburdale Civic Association, said, “our intention going forward is threefold:  First, to work with other district councils on drafting a similar resolution, as this is becoming an increasing problem county-wide; second, to continue to work with Mason District neighborhoods on their specific rezoning and stormwater issues; and third, to encourage our elected officials to listen to and to work with their constituents on all land use issues.”


  1. Awesome!!

  2. Some of the most attractive neighborhoods in America contain houses on small lots, which also make possible more affordable units. Of course if the drainage does not accommodate higher density, the county needs to improve the drainage. How absurd that inside the beltway, in a region with high housing costs and a lack of housing close in, our water, sewer, road, sidewalk and transit infrastructure is designed for the outer suburb Annandale was in 1950.