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Sunday, April 22, 2012

FXCO to study Seven Corners

The pedestrian bridge over Arlington Boulevard
The Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization (OCR) is launching a major study of the future of the Seven Corners area in May, Matt Flis, a planner with that office, announced at a meeting of the Bailey’s Crossroads Revitalization Corporation (BCRC) earlier this week.
The study will start with a “visioning” exercise on the evening of May 21, where stakeholders from all parts of the Seven Corners community will have an opportunity to offer their perspective on how the area should be redeveloped. The session will be held at the Family Services Building, 6245 Leesburg Pike.

A big question that will continue to hang over the study is what to about the traffic congestion at the Seven Corners intersection, said BCRC President Frank Sellers. The Urban Land Institute is also working on a short-term study of Seven Corners.

Mason Supervisor Penny Gross told the group that she asked the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to set aside $180,000 as a special fund for a Seven Corners traffic study. “There are about $12 million dollars worth of requests and about $3 million will be available, so we can’t be sure there will be a traffic study,” she said. “But we’ll have a request in the mix for the future.”

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  1. Before more money is spent on studying traffic at 7 Corners, how many previous studies have been done on this issue? WMATA doesn't run its buses during afternoon rush hour from 7 Corners down onto westbound Rte 50 because of the total traffic saturation and impossibility to keep on schedule. An aside, no thanks to WMATA for building the bus stand, in 7 Corners mall, out in the open parking lot, next to Rte 50 (heavy air pollution) and NO SHADE! Can't wait for the 100+ summer temps and people (babies, elderly) collapsing from heat exhaustion. Lawsuit here I come.