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Friday, April 27, 2012

Two dogs lost in Annandale near Americana Drive

Two dogs have away when they dug under the back door of Eddie McGaffigan’s townhouse. They were last seen near the intersection of Americana Drive and Oreana Drive at the southern edge of Bristow Village.

Kaiser is a very beautiful 10-month old male purebred German Shepherd who weighs about 80 pounds. Callie is a 5-year old black lab mutt who weighs about 60 pounds. “She has a very tiny head, which is in disproportion to a sizable body,” McGaffigan reports. “She is all black except for a tiny white patch on her chin.” Neither dog has tags.

In the photo, Callie is the back on the right, and Kaiser is in front, although he has gotten bigger since the picture was taken.

If you see them, please contact McGaffigan, 703/851-0218.


  1. If the dogs are found by the county expect to be declared a criminal as your reward. A lost dog is a misdemeanor in Fairfax County, not a citation. My dog opened the front door by himself when no one was home, Animal Control found him and brought him home. I was issued a summons, paid what I thought was a fine on a citation, and soon afterward found out I was a criminal. I now have a record, a misdemeanor. Sorry for their luck.

    Now that is a travesty, Fairfax County changed the the law in 2008 to criminalize a dog not being on a leash, no matter what the circumstance. What a great place to live.

  2. WOW! That is not good. I am glad the blog posted this. I saw this guy calling for his lost dogs and encouraged him to contact Ms. Ashford our fabulous blogger! Thank you Annandale Blog for helping out the community!