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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Assisted living facility planned for Gallows Road in Annandale

Some of the houses that would be demolished
A 95-unit assisted living facility is planned for Gallows Road in Annandale near Aston Street and across from the Holmes Run pool.

The project would be developed by Brightview Senior Living, a division of the Baltimore-based Shelter Group. Brightview operates 24 assisted living communities in nine states.

The company is planning to purchase about 6.5 acres from two property owners, says Andrew Teeters, senior development director at Brightview. There would be one three-story building, facing Gallows Road, with 72 assisted living apartments and 23 units for Alzheimer’s patients. There would be 60 parking spaces.

The land is zoned R-2 (two houses per acre), and the company would need to get a special exception for a medical facility. The land would not need to be rezoned, says Aaron Frank, the land use specialist in the office of Mason Supervisor Penny Gross. “At this point, it’s still very conceptual,” he says.

Brightview hasn’t filed any formal applications to Fairfax County, but has begun negotiations to purchase property owned by the Chaconas and Scheider families, who each own three rental houses.

Teeters says he has met with local residents in several neighboring communities, including Holmes Run Village, Gallows Estates, and the Raintree condos and was planning to meet with Holmes Run Acres, the large development on the other side of Gallows, this evening. The six houses that would be torn down aren’t part of any civic association, he says.

“It’s early” to gauge the community’s view on the project, Teeters says. “So far people recognize the need for it. There is a growing aging population in Annandale.” That demographic trend is also sparking interest in the “aging-in-place” concept.

I think we can safely assume many Annandale residents will not be happy about the prospect of another high-density housing project and its impact on traffic, especially as Gallows Road will be one of the few entry points to the beltway toll lanes.The Brightview residents won’t be likely to be healthy enough to drive, but there will be employees and visitors.


  1. hmmmmm interesting. Too bad they cant put this over some other eye-sores like over by Baileys x roads.
    I am not sure how I feel about this.....

  2. With the wave of baby boomers hitting retirement, the need for assisted living housing and senior services will grow. While some Annandale residents may not be happy with this proposal, the hard truth is that ALL Annandale residents will sooner or later be a senior citizen and may require assisted living.

  3. I think this is another example of tearing down more of the original Annandale in the name of profit. This area was bound to be developed some day, but I had hoped it would have been residential housing. There's a reason the acreage is zoned R-2. Let's hope the proposal doesn't go through. Yes, we all will need " assisted" living at some pont in our lives, but I doubt that it will impact anyone if it is located elsewhere.

  4. Wouldnt it make more sense to put it somewhere where the seniors could get out and about a little easier (except for those with Alzheimers)? Like closer to town? Gallows Road doesn't need more traffic coming in and out at that point, and it certainly doesn't need another red light there.

  5. Three-stories -- not exactly a fit for the neighborhood.

  6. There is definitely a need for assisted living communities, I will probably be in one sooner than later. But, this proposal is going into a quiet residential community far from everything. This would be far better further up Gallows Rd, north of rte 50, where all the development is happening, so the seniors could get out and around, there are stores and restaurants, the Metro, and the roads can handle the traffic. Not in a neighborhood where it isn't wanted.

  7. Ok, so how can we stop it?

  8. There are so many in our area. Believe me, it is just about profit. There is not a need. Within a 15 mile radius we have: The Virginian, Sleepy Hollow, fairfax Nursing Home, and just down the street in Tyson's and Springfield we have other facilities. Remember, developers do not care about the citizens of the community, just the bottom line, and these facilities bring in lots of bucks.

  9. Seems like a modest plan to me and one I can support, and I live directly behind the proposed site at Aston and Antiopi.

  10. Yes ... BUT THIS IS ZONED R-2!!!!! How can builders get away with this? I know...smoozing people! All in the name of profit. Right ?