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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Public urged to take part in clean-up effort planned for Seven Corners

Leesburg Pike at Seven Corners
A lot of people complain about Seven Corners—the traffic congestion, the lack of good design, and the trash all over the place—but Nancy Vorona and Kay Cooper are actually taking steps to improve it. They are organizing efforts to get rid of the litter and illegal signs.

The two Lake Barcroft residents have already gotten a permit to adopt a section of Leesburg Pike—from Sleepy Hollow Road to Row Street—and have planned a community clean-up day for June 23. They’re still waiting for final approval from VDOT, says Vorona, but they’re pretty confident they’ll get it in time.

VDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway program requires sponsors to commit to four cleanups annually for three years. The official sponsor of the adopted section of Route 7 will be the Bailey’s Crossroads Revitalization Corporation, which is concerned with promoting redevelopment in Seven Corners, as well as Bailey’s Crossroads.

Vorona and Cooper have already gotten approval from the Fairfax County Police Department, for the clean up day, which will provide auxiliary police officers to ensure the safety of people working along the busy road.

They are planning a major outreach effort to draw volunteers to the June 23 cleanup, tentatively scheduled for 7:30-10:30 a.m. They hope to be able to use the Sears parking lot as a staging area. “The June cleanup will be a test for us, to build awareness among the community,” Vorona says. “We can always scale up later.”

In addition, the Fairfax County sheriff’s department has agreed to provide inmates for a clean up along Route 50 in Seven Corners.

“We’re frustrated with the appearance of Seven Corners,” said Vorona. “The whole area needs a total overhaul.”

That process is may be on the horizon. The Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization announced last month that it will undertake a major study of the future of Seven Corners. The kick-off event for this process is a “visioning exercise” Monday evening to give community residents an opportunity to talk about how they would like to see the area redeveloped.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting. It’s scheduled for 7 p.m., May 21, at the Fairfax County Human Services Building, Rooms A and B, 6245 Leesburg Pike.
The area covered in the Seven Corners revitalization study

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  1. Kay Cooper and Nancy Vorona are wonderful and amazing. They are single-handedly pushing VDOT, police, County officials, and other residents into caring about what the Seven Corners area looks like. Most of us blindly accept the ugly signs and trash we see everyday. It's amazing to see what two people can do when they care about what their community looks like and when they flatly refuse to accept the usual bureaucratic obstacles. Thank you Kay and Nancy!!