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Monday, June 25, 2012

Car wash proposed for Columbia Pike in Bailey's Crossroads

A car wash is planned for the vacant lot on the right
Plans for a “high-end” car wash on a vacant lot on Columbia Pike at Cortland Drive fell through four years ago but are now back on track due to a novel arrangement worked out between the developer, Guy Paolozzi, and the owner of a small shopping center next door.

VDOT won’t allow a new entrance from Columbia Pike, and four years ago, the owner of the shopping center, listed online as JSNS LLC, refused to allow a right of way from his parking lot. That building houses a 24-hour laundromat, beauty shop, phone store, and check cashing business.

A “verbal understanding” worked out recently between the two parties would allow car wash customers to enter and exit from the existing service drive, and Paolozzi would pay $1,000 every time the entrance to the shopping center is blocked by car wash customers in a 24-hour period, says Keith Martin of Tramonte, Yeonas, Roberts and Martin who represents Paolozzi.

A camera would be set up to monitor the line of cars and determine when the line is long enough to block the entrance. According to Martin, car washes are usually really busy only 30 days a year.

A special exception for the car wash has already been filed with the county, says Aaron Frank of Mason Supervisor Penny Gross’s office. The proposal would then go to the Mason District Land Use Committee, the Fairfax County Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors. According to Frank, the developer has agreed to make streetscape improvements in accordance with the Bailey’s Crossroads plan.

The car wash would have three detailing stations, as well as a 140-foot car washing tunnel, says Martin. There would be a seven-foot masonry wall at the back of the property separating it from the houses behind it. Paolozzi owns several car washes in Northern Virginia.

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  1. A 24-hour laundromat, beauty shop, phone store, check cashing place, and now a car wash. Maybe next they can get a place that sells cheap beer and wine.

    If the owner signs that $1,000 agreement he's going to lose a ton of money. The other party has a pretty good incentive to just send a bunch of their friends and relatives to act like customers and block the entrance this causing the fee.