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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Merrifield offers model for redevelopment

The Mosaic District at Merrifield shows what could be happening in central Annandale if developers and property owners could get their act together.

The first store to open at the Mosaic development will be the Target, set to open in October. The Angelika Film Center is slated to open in spring 2013. The other stores will start opening this fall and continue through summer 2013. Quite a few retail spaces are still available, though.

Among retailers that recently signed on: Sweetgreen, Anthropologie, South Moon Under, and Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato. The hotel going up on Lee Highway next to Target will be a Hyatt, rather than a Sierra, as announced earlier. Hyatt owns the Sierra chain.

The town house development, under construction by EYA, will have an open house event on Saturday, June 9, noon-4 p.m., with samples from some of the restaurants coming to Mosaic and a chance to win gift certificates from retailers and restaurants.

So far, 41 of the 112 EYA townhouses have already been purchased. Prices range from $629,900 to the upper $800,000s. Children who live there will attend Fairhill Elementary, Luther Jackson Middle School, and Falls Church High School.

The building in the background will be a parking deck


  1. I would love to see something new come to Annandale but I do not want what Merrifield is getting. I would like to see more like a town center with no building higher than three floors. I do not want to turn into a small Tyson's Corner. I love the home town feel of Annandale. I miss the day when we had a movie theater and a donut shop in Annandale. I want to see our leaders get their act together so they can help the gentleman who owns the Kmart shopping center get the financing he needs to get his idea to be a reality.

  2. Sounds pretty good CD.
    From: Your pal ML

    I think the Annandale revitalization district/ corp or whatever it's called is DEAD. Lets contact them.

  3. I once was excited about the Merrifield revitalization project but it is turning into just large buildings that look like canned food. It has become so unattractive that in not too many years they will want to tear the buildings down because this 2012 architecture at its worse. It's not something you and your family would want to wander through like a real town center. It's a shame because it started out promising but when they got Target, an enormous box store, it went downhill from there. It's sad.

  4. I love the idea of a green space in the middle of Annandale...something people could walk to, picnic, with a playground, where bands could perform. The existing town park (with the clock) is too secluded and scary. Even better to have restaurants and cafes, bookstores, and a small movie theater surrounding it. I know, I'm an idealist!

  5. Dont we have enough of this type of development in this area. Surely we can come up with something more original than a bunch of Box Stores and the like. I like the idea of a movie theater---there once was a beautiful theater in the middle of Annandale--although I would not want the huge multi-theater venues that they build these days. I would be interested in hearing some original ideas and not more of the same.

    1. I agree that big-box stores are not good in an urban setting. The Target in Merrifield is supposed to have other stores on the lower level - at least partly.

  6. Wouldnt an outdoor movie night be cool in a park like setting???

  7. Wouldnt an outdoor movie night be cool in a park like setting???

  8. Green space in the middle of Annandale? Wonderful concept, how about a roof top park.
    Green roof's are environmentally friendly, but the structure would have to support the load. How may people could you get on Kmart's roof?
    Many years ago I lived in NSB,FL, there was an arcade by the beach with a Putt-Putt golf course on the roof. Loved it, as did my children.
    Annandale revitalization will not happen with the mix of owners we have. Some are more interested in doing it their way til the county catches them.