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Monday, June 18, 2012

Parklawn tour showcases exemplary homes

Recent Annandale blog posts about problems with multiple occupancy, “extreme yard sales,” and unfinished construction projects might have given the impression that the Parklawn neighborhood is in decline.

Actually, there are many well-maintained, charming homes there that people have put great care into renovating, decorating, and landscaping. Three of them were showcased June 16 on a Parklawn house tour.

Dale Welch has put an extensive amount of work into his four-bedroom, two story brick rambler at 4100 Tahoe Court (top photo) since he bought it in 1992. The backyard was overgrown with extremely entrenched bamboo, and he eventually had to rent a backhoe to dig out the roots.

There’s a fireplace separating the living room and dining room (above). The renovated kitchen retains the original metal cabinets, and the upstairs bathroom (below) has a retro look incorporating bright green tiles that remind Welch of the swimming pool of his youth and a commercial, metal soap dispenser.
The lower level was reconfigured with a central hallway providing access to a large, inviting family room with a fireplace, original asbestos tile floor, and walls covered with wainscoting and textured paint. There’s also a guest bedroom, bathroom, well-organized workshop (below), laundry room and storage room with the furnace and hot water heater on that level.

Richard Zambito was only the second owner of his 1955 house at 4001 Braddock Road (above) when he moved there in 1995. He upgraded the kitchen (below) and bathrooms and lightened up the sun room (below), which had been added in the 1960s. It had been all knotty pine and was so dark, it was like a coffin, he says.

Jackie Hill has lived in her one-story house at 4002 Braddock Road (the backyard, above) since 1970.

She added a garage, sun room (above), and family room about 20 years ago. The house has many mementos from her career as a secretary to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1973-76 and as an assistant to Judge William Clark in the White House in 1982-83 during the Reagan Administration. 

The Parklawn house tour group. Richard Zambito is second from the left, Dan Welch is third from the life, and Jackie Hill is on the right.


  1. Results really show the loving care, hard work and good taste decisions that went into these! MK

  2. Daren Shumate6/18/12, 10:11 PM

    Sorry I missed it . . . .Love the Parklawn homes!

  3. More photos from the house tour are in a photo album on the Annandale Blog Facebook page.

  4. Daren I will throw a party and you can come on over to my Parklawn home baby!!!! and dance of course.