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Monday, August 13, 2012

Braddock Road residents angry about yard sales

 Merchandise being unloaded from a truck in front of 4010 Braddock Street.
Sal DiCuffa is “exceptionally annoyed” about the frequent yard sales up and down Braddock Road in the Alexandria part of Fairfax County.

“It’s ridiculous that this is going on every single weekend,” he says. “It feels like I live across the street from a Wal-Mart parking lot.”

DiCuffa is concerned about the yard sales drawing large numbers of cars, turning Braddock from a residential street into a “major thoroughfare,” with car horns blaring early in the morning. On Aug. 11, a shopper at the yard sale at 4010 Braddock Road blocked his driveway, and he called the police after seeing a pedestrian trying to cross the street almost get run over.

Another neighbor, who prefers to remain anonymous, says, “the yard sales have been rotating from house to house. I’ve seen washers, dryers, microwaves, and furniture. It’s beyond a yard sale.”

In fact, neighbors have noticed the goods being loaded and unloaded from the same white truck at yard sales at different addresses on Braddock week after week for the past few months. The goods, including large appliances, are often lined up next to the curb in the VDOT right-of-way.

Michael Tyrone Suggs, who was operating the yard sale at 4010 Braddock Aug. 11 with three other men, admitted getting the merchandise from Craig’s List and keeping it at a storage facility. Suggs has also been spotted managing yard sales at other houses along Braddock in recent months.

Traffic congestion on Braddock Road Aug. 11.
 Suggs told the Annandale Blog that some neighbors have brought over unwanted stuff for him to sell and that he donates some of his profits to the Salvation Army. Howard Roy, program director of the National Capital and Virginia Division of the Salvation Army says he had no record of any donations from Suggs.

These operations seem to be in violation of the Fairfax County ordinance that prohibits garage and yard sales in residential districts from being held more than twice in any calendar year and requires them to be “limited to items not specifically purchased for resale.”

“It looks like a store front,” says a neighbor. “If they have a lot of stuff to sell, they should open a store. All these cars backed up, with people walking across the street—it devalues the residential character of this neighborhood. The county is aware of what’s going on. Hopefully, the county can do something about this.”

After DiCuffa called the police Saturday morning, they came by and issued a warning. Another Braddock Road resident, Richard Zambito, who has repeatedly complained to the police and county zoning officials, is “furious they haven’t shut it down.” County officials have cited the owners of other houses on Braddock but the yard sales keep popping up at new locations.

“Obviously, there’s a market for this,” DiCuffa says, “so why not have a community flea market?” Mason District Park would be a good location, as well as central Annandale. The county could even make money selling permits, while the current yard sale operators aren’t paying taxes. 

4010 Braddock Road on Aug. 11.


  1. Do you really think this is going to be shut down when all they get is a warning? Where is the leadership in this community when they are needed? There is plenty of evidence by all the pictures the neighbors have taken but still nothing. Mason District Community needs a meeting with concerned citizens.

  2. NoVa Citizen8/14/12, 3:41 PM

    This is really sad because in most cases like this, the only recourse people find is to move away or rent to more people that are not invested in the neighborhood.

    You also have people that are running illegal car repair businesses and day cares out of some homes

  3. Dont forget the Boarding Houses and the four and five families living in apartments at Culmore neigborhood. Mason District is in disrepair.

  4. We have tried to meet with the elected officials and we must thank the Blog for reporting this and neighbors for continually applying pressure on ffax county/supervisors office. DONT STOP PRESSURING THEM.
    Parklawn Resident

  5. NoVa Citizen8/15/12, 1:33 PM

    Ditto to thanking the Annandale Blog! Great neighborhood reporting.

  6. Penny Gross - please pay attention to this. It's a disgrace that you do not get involved and that it's left to a local blog to highlight something that you should have focused on months ago.