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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Columbia Pike animal hospital annex will house boarding and grooming services

The annex to the Columbia Pike Animal Hospital in Annandale will be open “within the next six months, hopefully sooner,” reports Alex Walz, a manager at the veterinary clinic.

The new building, facing Columbia Pike, will house grooming and boarding services, while the existing building, at 4205 Evergreen Lane, will be used purely for medical services.

Customers bringing pets for boarding and grooming will be able to check in at the new building. “That will be more convenient for clients,” Walz says. Those services will be open to the public and will be separate from the animal hospital.

The annex will be able to board 110 animals—in cages with dog runs. That’s the same capacity as the current facility. There will be three groomers, each one able to handle three to five a dogs a day.

The new building, which formerly housed a convenience store, has been under construction for at least two years. The construction manager blames the Fairfax County building permit process for the delay.

“Whenever they find something wrong in the plan, you have to resubmit it. Then they find another thing wrong so you have to submit it again,” he says, and each time you have to pay a $160 permit fee. “It would be so much easier and faster if they let you know everything wrong all at once.” He suspects they’re not doing that because “the county is out of money, and they get more fees this way.”

Other people working on Annandale renovation projects, including Buenos Grill and Maxx Fitness, both on Columbia Pike, have also blamed delays in the county permitting process for being way behind schedule.


  1. Will they be open 7-11 ?

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that when construction takes place on an Annandale business it takes forever to complete. This annex has been progressing slowly for months now, and that Mexican place next door is even slower. The Fuddruckers still hasn't even been demolished yet, and its been closed for like 4 months now. I remember that those 3 new McMansions down the road from both these business on Evergreen next to Alpine took like 4-5 years to complete.