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Monday, August 13, 2012

Traffic congestion threatens safety on Braddock Road

An overturned car in front of 4005 Braddock Road this morning [in the photo above] underscores the hazards of traffic congestion on a neighborhood street. The driver was taken away in an ambulance but did not appear to have suffered major injuries.

Residents of the Parklawn neighborhood are concerned about increased traffic and speeding violations on Braddock Road, which has not been designed as a major thoroughfare. It’s a particularly danger to children walking to Parklawn Elementary School. The problem has been exacerbated by the frequent commercial yard sales and car sales that are turning the street into a weekend “bazaar.”


  1. How did they manage to flip their car? The speed limit there is 25!

  2. Thats the point. No one keeps to the 25 mph speed limit and VDOT has refused repeatedly to put in a stop sign at Braddock and Arcadia!