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Friday, August 10, 2012

Voter registration drive this weekend at two area Giants

Here’s something for your weekend to-do list: Make sure you’ll be able to vote on Election Day.

To be able to vote in November, you must be registered at your current address. That means if you have moved anywhere within Virginia or changed your name since the last time you voted, you must update your registration. 

If you’ve moved to Virginia, will be 18 years old on Nov. 6, recently became a citizen, or have never registered before, you’ll need to register  for the first time.

The deadline for registering—and updating your registration—is Oct. 15.

There will be volunteers in front of two nearby Giant grocery stores every Saturday for the next few weeks to help with the voting registration process.

Here’s the schedule:

Giant at Loehmann’s Plaza, 7236 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church – every Saturday 10-6 p.m. and every Sunday 2-6 p.m.

Giant at Bradlick Shopping Center, Backlick and Braddock roads, Annandale – every Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

It only takes five minutes to fill out the form, but it must be done correctly or it won’t count. For example, if you failed to check a box that asks if you’re citizen or filled in your birth date where the forms asks for today’s date, your form will be rejected.

For further information about voter registration, visit the Fairfax County Office of Elections website or call 703/222-0776. You can also obtain information on that website about absentee voting, find your polling place, and determine whether your registration is valid.  

If you need to update your registration and you still have a voter ID card from Virginia, you can fill out the updated information on the back of the card and mail it to the address on the form or fax it to 703/324-2205. Be sure to sign it. For instructions on how to update your registration via email, visit the website.

A new voter ID law in Virginia requires first-time voters to bring to the polls one of the following types of identification containing your current, complete name and current address:
  • a current and valid photo ID (for example a driver’s license); or
  • a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck that shows name and address; or
  • a current voter card.
All other votes must bring one of these forms of identification to the polls:
  • a Virginia voter registration card;
  • a valid Virginia driver’s license;
  • a military ID;
  • any federal, Virginia state, or local government-issued ID;
  • an employer-issued photo ID card;
  • a Social Security card;
  • a student ID from a Virginia public school;
  • a student ID from any Virginia college or university; or
  • a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck that has your name and address.
Any voter who forgets to bring an acceptable ID to the polls may still vote, but will be required to submit the ID to the local electoral board by noon on Friday following the election by fax, e-mail, regular mail, or in person.

Your ID must match the address on your voter registration. If your driver’s license needs to be updated, you can do it online on the DMV website.  

On Election Day, the polls will be open 6 a.m.-7 p.m.  You can find your polling place online.  There is at least one polling place change in Mason District: Residents of the Masonville precinct will vote in the new Mason Crest Elementary School, 3705 Crest Drive, Annandale, rather than Westminster School on Gallows Road.  

Absentee voting in person will begin Sept. 16 at the Fairfax County Government Center. You will be able to vote absentee at satellite locations, including the Mason District Government Center, Oct. 17-Nov. 3 on weekdays 2-8 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

To vote absentee by mail, you’ll need to apply for a ballot by Oct. 30 and must return it to the registrar’s office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. You can pick up an absentee ballot at county government centers and libraries or download it from the county website.

One more thing – Fairfax County is currently hiring election officers to work at the polls on Election Day. Visit the Office of Elections for more information. 


  1. Dont forget blogmaster to cover the Romney event upcoming in NOVA like you did Pelosi's shannigans in Tysons a while back - you said you'd cover Pailn in she came to NOVA so give him equal coverage even though you clearly ae a lefty yet to see the light!

  2. Awesome summery of voting information. I volunteer at the polls on Election Day and know the county is short on election officers in many many precincts, including some in Mason who always have to ask people to come from outside the precinct to work. Represent, Mason!

  3. I dont think its a question of the blogmaster being a righty or a lefty or an innie or an outie. Romney's event was in Manassas, nowhere near Annandale. Not even in Fairfax County.

  4. Went out of her way to cover a Democratic fundraising event that had nothing to do with Annandale as you may recall. So has this become the Fairfax County blog? If so, maybe a name change is in order.

  5. Thank you for the voting information! Keep up the good work!

  6. Very glad the dead people will no longer be able to vote! This ID requirement is not against minorities it's against flagrant fraud.

  7. To the griper above: Freedom of the press does not mean you get to demand that the owner of the press do things as you would prefer. It means you can buy your own press and cover the news however you please.

    I'm grateful that someone is covering local issues I never heard about before. If you think that's helpful, keep reading. If it's helpful but you don't like the tilt you see, read with your own filter. But if you can't abide the tilt you see, start your own blog--don't assume you're the assignment editor here!