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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bank customers cheated by 'skimmer' on Inova Fairfax ATM

This "skimmer" was removed by police.

Fairfax County police from the Mason district report that a “skimmer” in an ATM machine in the lobby of the Inova Fairfax Hospital Cardiac Care Center has been used to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting employees, patients, friends, and family members since late August. There have been no arrests.

“Financial crimes detectives were alerted to an issue when they began to receive complaints that ATM cards were being used fraudulently to purchase groceries, expensive coffees, and, primarily, to get cash from other ATM machines,” reports a police news bulletin. “An alert customer spotted the skimming device on the machine and contacted hospital security who immediately called police on Sept. 13. Detectives are investigating four cases now but feel that there are many more victims that have not checked their statements yet and may be unaware they’ve been victimized.”

If you’ve used that ATM between late August and Sept. 12, check your bank statements. If you detect a discrepancy, contact your bank and call the police at 703/691-2131. You can also file a report and learn more about financial crime scams online.

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