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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy douses Annandale with heavy rain

Update: Photos taken about 4:30 p.m.

Braddock Road at Backlick.
Drainage ditch at Calvert Street and Beverly Street in Annandale Acres.
Gallows Road
Wayne Drive and Murray Lane in Broyhill Crest.

Sleepy Hollow Road. This photo and others below were taken at about 12:15.

We’ll report on new information on dealing with the storm as we get it—at least as long as the power is on.

The Fairfax County Emergency Information Hotline has been activated and is available for residents to call for information about the storm. The number is 571/350-1300, TTY 711. If it’s an emergency, call 911.

Fairfax County has posted an online “crowdsourcing” map where you can report problems like downed trees and non-functioning traffic lights and see where other people have reported problems.

The following safety tips supplement the advice reported earlier:

  • Never use generators indoors—there’s a real danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Stay away from downed wires.
  • Stay off the roads. Even a few inches of water is enough to sweep a car off the road.
  • Move your car to higher ground and away from overhanging trees.
Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike
Holmes Run just before it flows under Sleepy Hollow Road.


  1. My wife and I moved from the area last spring after 27 years in Annandale. We read your blog regularly to keep up with events in the old neighborhood. Good work, please keep it up.

    But when you published the pictures of Hurricane Sandy's destructive effects we stared in slack-jawed amazement. Wet roads, water trickling into storm sewers, a drainage ditch...well draining.

    DC residents, aside from being the wealthiest in the country, also have a reputation for also being most skittish paranoid and risk-averse. The photo-shoot dramatically reinforces this presumption.

    But my wife and I did have a great laugh.

    I hope all came through this monster well and the recovery, i.e., leaf-raking, goes smoothly.

  2. These photos were taken on Monday afternoon, when the rain started but before the storm actually hit on Monday night.