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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trees, power lines down in Annandale

A large tree brought down the power lines on Sleepy Hollow Road in front of the Sleepy Hollow Recreation Association.
Last nights storm knocked down trees and power lines throughout the Annandale area. But based on a quick drive around Annandale, we seem to have been hit less hard by Sandy than the Derecho, which struck the area June 29. [Please send photos or storm-related information to the Annandale blogger.]

About 100,000 people are still without power in Northern Virginia, Dominion Power reports. People should assume all downed power lines are live. To report a downed line, call 866/DOM-HELP.

According to Dominion, reconnecting everybody will be a “multi-day effort.” Some customers who have had their power restored might briefly lose service again due to repair efforts needed to reconnect other homes and businesses. 

Visit the Fairfax Countys emergency blog for a list of road closures and other updates. Scroll down for more information.

This huge tree on the Valleycrest Boulevard and Marvin Street in Broyhill Crest missed the house and the power line.
A tree fell on the power line on Killebrew Drive near Oreana Drive.
Power lines knocked down on Hummer Road.
Traffic lights out on Columbia Pike at the fire station.
A small dogwood uprooted on Sprucedale Drive in Sleepy Hollow Woods.
Two trees down at Malcolm Court in Pleasant Ridge. Power has been out since 3 p.m. Monday.  [Photo by Lynne Petrazzuolo.]
Here’s a storm update from Del. Kaye Kory’s 1 p.m. conference call with Gov. McDonnell:
  • Call 1-800/FOR-ROAD or 800/365-7623, to report dangerous road conditions, including downed trees.
  • Visit to check the latest road conditions statewide.
  • 107 traffic signals are out in Northern Virginia.
  • Freezing temperatures are expected tonight and tomorrow night, which means the roads could be icy.
  • Absentee-in-person voting has been extended for two days.
  • Deadlines for car registrations, state car inspections, drivers license renewals, contractors licenses, and health profession licenses have been extended until Nov. 9.
  • DMV offices are open tomorrow.


  1. "less hard by Sandy than the Derecho, which struck the area July 29"

    The Derecho occured on JUNE 29, 2012.

  2. Oops. Thanks for the correction. The article has been fixed.