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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Woodson community holds vigil for missing student, Bryan Glenn

A banner at the entrance to the Woodson stadium.

Friends and family of Bryan Glenn, the Woodson High School senior who has been missing since the morning of Monday, Oct. 1, came to a vigil at the school Saturday afternoon to pray for his safe return and offer support to his parents and his brother, Marty, a junior at Woodson.

At a time when the Woodson community should have been celebrating their homecoming win that afternoon, it seemed like a huge question mark hung over the stadium as people wondered why Glenn, a member of the football team, would just vanish without a trace. So far, searches of Thaiss Memorial Park on Picket Road, where Glenn’s car was found early Tuesday morning, haven’t turned up any clues.

Glenn was last seen at the Dunkin Donuts at Fairfax Circle at about 8 a.m., Oct. 1. His parents became alarmed when he didn’t come home after football practice that evening, then learned he hadn’t been at school at all that day.

“Hopefully, we will find him OK,” said Lt. G.R. Joca of the West Springfield Police Station. He was at the vigil hoping that somebody will come up with a crucial detail that could help solve the mystery of Glenn’s disappearance.

He was a “decent kid,” said a neighbor who had known the family for about 10 years and whose sons were in the Scouts together.

According to Rene Garrett, an education consultant who was helping Glenn improve his grades and apply to college, Glenn had just learned to drive this summer and didn’t know his way around the area very well. He spent the past year at Hargrave Military Academy in southern Virginia and before that, lived in Germany for five years where his father, Michael, was stationed in the Army.

The vigil at the Woodson stadium.
“Bryan wanted to improve academically,” Garrett said. Last week, he selected 10 target schools. “He never missed class,” she said, adding that Bryan was “really quiet” and “very polite”and got along with everybody. As a kicker on the Woodson football team, Garrett noted that he could kick a 40-yard field goal.

At the vigil, students held up Airheads, Glenn’s favorite candy, as a gesture of support. They also created a Facebook group called Find Bryan Glenn.

“Any information a student can bring forward is our best hope,” said school board member Megan McLaughlin (Braddock). “Bryan’s parents have made it clear that there will be no repercussions for any student who provides a lead,” she said. “It’s very uncharacteristic that he could disappear like this.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 703/503-2820, 571/455-5857, or 571/331-6497 or contact Crime Solvers.

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