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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Commercial trucks parked all over Annandale are annoying but not illegal

Trucks on Daniels Avenue in Annandale.

The side streets and service roads of central Annandale are often lined with large commercial trucks. They take up parking spaces for people trying to visit restaurants and shops and they make walking around less pleasant, but they aren’t illegal. There are restrictions for parking large trucks in residential areas, but not in areas zoned commercial.

“It’s a huge problem,” say Roy McCracken, commander of American Legion Bicentennial Post 1776, about the dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and other large trucks that are always parked in front of the post on Daniels Avenue.

Trucks are often continually parked on the service roads lining Little River Turnpike, Poplar Street, and other locations. Some of the trucks are for rent and others are part of local businesses, like moving companies, tow truck operators, hauling services, or delivery companies.

The post only has 18 spaces in its parking lot, so the spaces in front of the building are important, McCracken says, especially for veterans with disabilities or need easy access.

McCracken has complained to the police but says he was told there’s nothing they can do about it. He’s never seen anyone driving them. Once he taped a sign asking the owner to move a truck; it was moved a short way down the street.

Bob Otten, traffic enforcement supervisor for the Fairfax County Police says he is familiar with the complaints on Daniels Avenue and nearby streets.

“The trucks are registered to owners in the area. Unfortunately, none of the commercial trucks parked there are in violation of the law because the area is zoned commercial,” Otten says.

Since the first year of the year, police have issued approximately 50 parking citations to vehicles of all types in the area for expired licenses, blocking fire hydrants, or other violations, he says.
A shopping center parking lot off Little River Turnpike in central Annandale.


  1. These service vehicles have started to be parked in residential areas, too, but because they are parked in areas that their owners live in or near, they're allowed. While I understand that parking intended for the homeowner can be used as wished, I definitely feel as if it detracts from the neighborhood as a whole. The cars are ugly and an eyesore. Not only that, but many of them have advertisements splashed across their sides, making neighborhoods feel less like a neighborhood and more like a free-for-all.

    When I first moved into my current home 15 years ago, seeing these vehicles were unheard of. Now they're literally everywhere and it makes what was once a beautiful and family-friendly neighborhood look run-down and ugly.

    1. You have no right to say something like to other people. Like you said at the beginning it's their own property. Why are you trying to take away the freedom from others? While you are complaining and hating the views of other peoples stuff? If you are a man who's taking care of his family, and cannot offer other parking space or commercial office space, what would you do? You have no option but to park your OWN car in Your property.

    2. If a truck has a gross weighted vehicle weight of 12,000 lbs or more - it may not be parked in the street in a residential neighborhood or in the driveway of a home in a residential neighborhood unless it is there for business purposes. for parking in the street and see page 4 of for info about parking on the property.

  2. Only 50 violations!! Just one more example of how neighborhoods, especially those in Annandale, are being overlooked by this Board of Supervisors who are only interested in developers.

  3. Gee people, stop crying. You are forcing these people to move out and starve to death. They are working hard to pull their families together. They can't afford to pay for the parking spot.
    Do they have to lose everything so you can have nicer view once in a while? Grow up people. You don't even walking around that much in the street. Go to park or something. Bunch of selfish hypocrites.

    1. "Forcing these people to move out and starve to death." "Loose everything." "Bunch of selfish hypocrites."

      You are hyperbolic and discourteous. Would you also be a business owner who wants someone else to pay the costs of your business? Are you one of those who took my job?

    2. Why can't people park their own car in their own property just because it's a commercial vehicle? Just because the car looks ugly and big, some dog walkers complain just because it doesn't look nice while they are walking on the street.

    3. No I would not be a business owner who wants someone else to pay the cost. I'm just saying why can't people park their OWN CAR in their property just because it looks bad to other peoples' eyes.

  4. Allengreenworkgroup@gmail.com1/17/16, 6:08 PM

    So true, old busy body's with nothing better to do are driving around thinking they should be able to tell you what you should be able to do with what you go to work every day and work like a dog to have. You don't like the way my yard looks, look the F somewere else. See people like us are hard workers and family men who don't have time to go to these county meeting and speak. So the 3% who have no lives or family who cares about them are the one who's views are being stomped down are throats. For example the jack mouther who wrote this article in the first place. I'd bet he's retired and has nothing else to do but get in other peoples business and think he has a right to. Hers the fact to all the blind old fools.. You think my yard brings down your property value and should look like yours.. Not the case at all the fact is all the property values are going up because of population growth not because your yard looks like a heshe takes care of it.. Population growth population growth!!!!!!!, and notice the new population that's coming her. there not all old locals like you there not natives and they don't care what the yards look like most just want a house not a apartment and most have a couple different family's in these houses and could care less but also are hard workers and don't speak are toung and can't voice a opinion or don't know how or are busy so agine that leaves the 3% to speek for all of use. The fact is Annandale will be compleatly different in 20 years from now and I'd rather have them here then you so.... Hope you all sell out and head to Florida or expire witch is what you should be constraining on not making people's lives hard for them....... Annandale hillbilly