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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Copper thieves arrested in Annandale

Thanks to an alert resident of the Holmes Run Acres community who called the police after seeing something suspicious, police arrested two men who were trying to steal copper lines from utility poles.

Police arrived at the 3300 block of Elm Terrace at around 5 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3, and arrested two suspects—William Francis Nash, 52, of 6912 Mary Caroline Circle, Alexandria, and Evan M. Stinson, 34, of 5244 Lonsdale Drive, Alexandria, said Fairfax County Police spokesperson Shelley Broderick.

The two were charged with “three counts of third or subsequent larceny (which makes the charge a felony), one count of possessing burglarious tools, and one count of larceny with the intent to sell,” she said. Additional charges are possible as the investigation progresses.

Copper is sought after by thieves worldwide due to its increasing value. There have been reports of similar incidents in other Annandale communities, but Boderick says, Fairfax County is not experiencing a drastic increase in copper thefts.

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  1. Thanks to whoever called police. Another example of if "you see it, say it" meaning call 703-691-2131(non-emergency number for Fx Cty police). Encourage neighbors to do likewise and join your Neighborhood Watch!